11 Ways to Keep Your New Year's Resolution ...


11 Ways to Keep Your New Year's Resolution ...
11 Ways to Keep Your New Year's Resolution ...

With the New Year approaching, you might be looking for different ways to keep your New Years resolution. It may seem easy to keep up with working towards that goal in the beginning of the year, but most people start to lose sight of the resolution as time goes on. Here are some ways to keep your New Years resolution all year long. They will make sure that you reach your goal and become the better you that you are striving to be.

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Have Defined Resolutions

One of the ways to keep your New Years resolution is to have a defined idea of what you want to accomplish. If you want to lose weight, how much weight do you want to lose? If you want to volunteer more time, how much more time? Ask yourself similar questions when deciding on what your New Years resolution should be. And make sure you have a clear-cut idea of what you want to accomplish.


Be Realistic

You are just setting yourself up for failure if your resolution is something you won’t be able to do. Keep in mind your limits and strengths when planning your New Years resolutions to make sure that they are obtainable. If you are planning to get in shape, don’t expect yourself to be able to spend 3 hours a day in the gym. That is a very unrealistic resolution and you most likely will not be able to keep it.


Make Small Goals

Rather than have one large goal to sum up your resolution, have smaller goals that you can reach in the process to your big goal. It is a great way to keep your New Years resolution because the smaller goals are easier to obtain. This creates a clear and defined path for you to follow and reach your full resolution.


Have Incentives

Another way to keep your New Years resolution is to give yourself incentives for reaching your small goals. Whenever a small goal is reached, have an idea of a reward for yourself for all of your hard work. It can be a manicure, a new pair of shoes, or even a trip to a day spa. Any small thing you have been wanting, give it to yourself each time you make one more small step towards reaching your New Years resolution.


Do It with a Friend

What better way to hang out with a friend than when working towards a resolution you both want? Having a friend work with you is a great way to keep your New Years resolution because they are great motivation. If you are not feeling like going to the gym to work out, they will be there with you, keeping you on track. New Years resolutions aren’t always the most fun things to work towards, but doing them with a friend turns them from chores to social events.


Keep Track of Progress

Don’t think of a resolution in terms of how much you have left to accomplish, think of it in terms of how far you have come. The whole point of a resolution is to make a change in your life, and every step you make towards that resolution is a change. Focus on how much you move towards that goal everyday, and it will inspire you to keep going.


Remind Yourself of How Important This is

A great way to keep your New Years resolution is to keep reminders of why you chose this resolution. If you are trying to get in shape, tape reasons to be healthy on your mirror so they are the first thing you see in the morning. If you are trying to be a nicer person, listen to stories of others who have helped people to remind yourself of how much you want this. If you can remember the reasons you want to achieve your resolution, I guarantee you will achieve it.


Make It Fun

You will want to keep your New Years resolution if you are having fun while doing it. Make the entire process into a game for yourself and you will have no problem working towards it. If you are having fun, then it will be less of a hassle and you will want to work towards it.


Have Reminders

Even if your friend doesn’t want to lose weight with you, they can still help you achieve your goal. Ask them to call you up every day to ask how your resolution is going. Or create a log of all of the food you eat and show it to them. By having someone around who will check up on you, you’ll have a stronger drive to complete your goal.


New Every Year

If you make the same resolution every single year, it’s because you didn’t fulfill it. If your goal is always to lose 50 pounds, then make this year’s resolution to simply be healthier. If your goal is usually to write 1,000 words a day, change it to writing a sufficient amount each day. Don’t set goals that you know you won’t achieve.


Make Time

If your goal is to exercise more, you need to set time aside to do so. Time management is important, regardless of your resolution. It can seem like there aren’t enough hours in a day, but if you manage your time wisely, you’ll complete all of your tasks. It’s all about making a plan and sticking to it.

Did these tips help you to keep your New Years resolution? What ways to keep your New Years resolution do you have? What are your New Years resolutions for this upcoming year?

This article was written in collaboration with editor Holly Riordan

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