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Fun New Year's resolutions are super easy to keep, aren't they? After all, if you make your New Year's resolutions fun, why wouldn't you be able to keep them? If you're having a really hard time coming up with super fun New Year's resolutions and are stumped at what you can give up, change or even just do in the new year, take a look below! I've got all of the fun, funny and all around silly New Year's resolutions that'll get you thinking!

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Don't Fight with Your Boyfriend

Okay, so this one isn't exactly one of the biggest fun New Year's resolutions, but it is one of the top ones that most people should make. Do you fight with your boyfriend a lot? Don't girls, just give it up and realize that it isn't worth it! For me, I'm going to stop fighting with my girlfriend so much and just try to get along.


Give up One Liquor

I'm not asking you to give up every liquor or drink in the world, but what's your favorite liquor? What's the one that makes you act so stupid on or the one that makes you so mad? That's the liquor that you should give up! This New Year's resolution might save you a few embarrassing situations and stories!


Stop Buying Useless Junk Online

I am so, so guilty of doing this! Heated dog bed? Got it! Every hair thing ever? Have 'em! If I counted all of the money that I have wasted on useless junk, I'd be rich! So, this is one of the greatest New Year's resolutions to give into – as long as you actually do it. Seriously girls, this can save you a ton of money!


Spend Less on Starbucks

One of my guilty pleasures is Starbucks. Seriously girls, I love, love, love Starbucks – so my New Years resolution? To unhook my Starbucks IV and to finally cut the cord on it. Maybe I'll switch over to my other local fave, Honeydew, or to Dunkin Donuts – wait, you thought I was doing it to save money? Heck no! I still need coffee!


Read a Full Book – Any Book

I have been trying and trying to finish the Harry Potter series for years now, and honestly – I haven't been able to get past The Goblet of Fire! Finding the time to sit down and read is my problem, so if you have a book, any book at all that you are trying to finish, make it a resolution! It'll put a goal in your mind!


Spend an Entire Day in a Movie Theater

I have wanted to do this for years, go see an early and the stay the entire day. I've wanted to slip into movie after movie and see multiple movies in one day! How neat would that be? Do it this year, girls, it'll feel like a victory and it's a little daring!


Learn Roman Numerals

Alright, so in my job, there are a few places that this has been a challenge for me. I've never learned anything about Roman numerals – truth be told, it wasn't taught in my homeschooling (oh yes, I was schooled at home!). So, this year, I'm going to vow to learn Roman numerals – what about you gals?


Attend a Comic Con

I've totally done this and I loved it! A comic con isn't just for the nerds, the geeks and everyone in between, it's actually for everyone! I met so many celebrities and I actually loved the artwork that was displayed. If you're looking for a fun time this year, head up to a comic con!


Meet a Celebrity

Why not meet a celebrity?! The person that you meet doesn't have to be Brad Pitt, but if you meet your favorite author? How cool would that be? Last year, my partner and I met Edwin McCain and two of our favorite authors – this year? Who knows!


Learn a Language

This could not only be fun, but really helpful in life. If you want to travel somewhere, then use that language! If you don’t want to travel, it’s a great resume builder or just a lot of fun to show off. You never know when a new language will come in handy or what opportunities it will lead to. Pick one, take a class, buy books, CDs, or anything else you’ll need and get learning!


Travel to a New Country

Who doesn’t want to travel?! Sure it costs a lot of money, but start saving in January and maybe by the end of the year you’ll make it to another country! Of course, you could always just choose a new city or something, but it’s really great to experience a new culture. So let this be the year that you see something new, eat foods you didn’t know existed, and meet new exciting people in another country.


Make 3 New Friends

This might sound dumb to you, but there are a lot of people who haven’t made new friends in a long time. Once we find a group of people we really care about, we tend to stick with them. While that’s a really great thing to have, it wouldn’t hurt to meet some new people. Making friends can be a lot of fun and you’ll never know who you might meet!


Go to a Concert

This could be so much fun! When’s the last time you’ve been to a concert? Maybe you go to concerts all the time, if you do then why don’t you top your record for the most concerts you’ve been to in a year? They don’t have to be concerts that cost a lot of money, why not try to find some new bands with cheap tickets and go there? This can be a really fun resolution.


Spend One Day a Month Alone

We all need alone time. A lot of people forget about themselves because they’re so busy working, going to school, and doing things for other people. Every so often you need to take time for yourself. Watch a few movies, catch up on your favorite shows, read a little bit, go shopping, or do anything that you enjoy - just do it for yourself and by yourself.


Just Have Fun

The easiest resolution of all is just to commit to living a happier and healthy life. Strive to be your best self, but have fun doing it.

So girls, there you have it, all of my New Year's resolutions that are fun, funny and should be put to use! What are some of your New Year's resolutions that you're going to commit to? Give 'em up!

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@Natasha D, I agree that the big issues need to be talked through! Little fights can be avoided with work (hopefully!). Thanks for reading AWS!

Number 7 is stealing.

Being more religious is also one of my resolutions.

1. Is a bad idea every relationship is supposed to have its fights and those fights should help you solve your problems. If your talking about the small stuff like you forgot to pack my tea... Then I guess it's not really worth it cuz you can't change the past. So recap the small stuff is not worth the fight. The big stuff can sometimes be worth the fight because you learn something new about your other half

Numbers 9 and 10 are my favorites! I specifically want to meet Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, and Paul Wesley as well as the rest of The Vampire Diaries cast at a Comic Con.

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