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10 Ways to Feel Awesome Everyday ...

By Kelly

The ways to feel awesome everyday are the little things you should do to really appreciate yourself and your surroundings. Feeling awesome means you know that you have a good life and you are happy with it. Here are some of the things I do to make me feel a little bit more awesome. Please feel free to add your favorite ways to feel more awesome everyday as well.

1 Look in the Mirror

One of the best ways to feel awesome everyday is to look in the mirror. This is not just a glance in the mirror to check your hair. This look should really focus on you. Who are you, what are your strengths and weaknesses? This look should be more of a pep talk. Really look at yourself and think of all the amazing things about you. It is a guaranteed way to feel awesome everyday and start your day off with a bang.

2 Take the Scenic Route

When you take the scenic route, you not only get to take in all the little details of the world around you, but you can take some time off your busy day to reflect on yourself. Something about taking in the sights and the sounds of my surroundings really makes me appreciate everything around me. And when you focus on how amazing your surroundings are, it leads you to thinking about how amazing you are.

3 Dance like Nobody is Watching

Put on some music, turn up the volume, and dance your heart out. Who cares if anyone is watching? What better way to forget about all the things bothering you and really embrace your awesomeness? There is nothing like letting loose and losing your troubles through dance. I promise, you will leave your one woman dance party feeling instantly more awesome.

4 Indulge

Because you deserve it! Eat that cupcake you’re craving, treat yourself to some new shoes, whatever you want. Don’t be afraid to indulge once in a while to make yourself feel special. Indulging yourself will make you feel like you deserve the best…which you do.

5 Pay Attention to Detail

This is not the detail for your job or schoolwork. This is the detail in all of your daily activities. Pay a bit more attention to the little things in everything you do. Really embrace the smell of your coffee, or feel how comfy your new sweater is.

6 Smile

In the wise words of Buddy the Elf, “I like smiling, smiling is my favorite.” And he was right. Studies have shown that smiling releases endorphins, which lead you to feeling happy. So even if you aren’t having the best day ever, smile anyway. It will not only leave you feeling more awesome, but people around you will be more receptive to you when you are smiling.

7 Try Something New

Even if it is watching a new TV show at night, try something new everyday. Constantly having new experiences and really appreciating them is a great way to feel awesome because you will feel like more of a risk taker and you will constantly be learning new things about yourself.

8 Spend Time with the People You Love

Why would you want to be around people who bring you down? One of the best ways to feel awesome is to surround yourself with people you love and who love you. Even if you are just grabbing lunch with your best friend, knowing that you have wonderful people in your life who care about you will definitely make you feel awesome.

9 Look on the Bright Side

It may seem hard sometimes when you are not having the best day, but EVERYTHING has a silver lining. Try to be as optimistic as possible on a daily basis. Thinking about how awesome your life is can have a huge impact on how you see yourself. If you are always feeling positive, then you will always be feeling awesome.

10 Be Yourself

Ever since I was little, people have always been telling me to “be myself” and I always thought that was a stupid thing to say. Who else would I be? But one of the surefire ways to feel awesome is to be awesome. If you are constantly worrying about what others think or trying so hard to be something you are not, you will never achieve that awesome feeling. Embrace who you are and everything about yourself.

Did these help you feel awesome everyday? What are some of your ways to feel awesome everyday? What do you think is the most important thing in feeling awesome everyday?

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