30 Ways to Live Life without Regrets ...

By Neecey

30 Ways to Live Life without Regrets ...

I wonder just how many people shuffle off the mortal coil knowing they have lived a life without regrets? I’d hazard a guess that the vast majority go to their grave wishing there was at least one thing they had done or accomplished in their life. That doesn’t sound abnormal but I don’t want to be on my deathbed looking back over a life that was unfulfilled, with ambitions ignored and wishlists left incomplete. I also would like to know I have been a good person, treated people decently and have displayed conscience, passion and empathy and that I have my time on earth justice. How about you? Do you want to live a life without regrets?

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First Impressions

Don’t judge people too much when you first meet them. Everyone has prejudices, but it can stop you from living life without regrets. That person you refused to speak to could have just changed your life for the better.


Be Magnanimous

Wish them well. Even if you might feel pained by someone else’s successes, envy is never attractive. Envy will never give you a life without regrets simply because you find you never have the time to concentrate on yourself. Moreover, people tend to find themselves pursuing something they don’t truly want just because someone else has it.


Share Success

Share your rewarding lifestyle. Happiness can come from your own success, but it soon wears thin. True and lasting happiness comes from being able to share it with others.



Don’t try to change someone who doesn’t want to change. You won’t succeed, and if you do they won’t necessarily become happy. By all means, help them, but don’t force anything. Everyone who isn’t content with their life will change in their own time. Keep in mind everyone’s definition of fulfilment is different.



Avoid holding grudges. Hatred for someone takes too much time and effort. Becoming overwhelmed by it can cause you to become negative and to neglect the things and people you love, leaving you with an unfulfilled life. Instead, focus your energy on positives.

Famous Quotes

If you have a harem of 40 women, you never get to know any of them very well.

Warren Buffett


Spend more time with people who make you happy. It only makes sense to dedicate more of your life to the sources of your enjoyment.


No-one’s Perfect

One of the ways to avoid regrets in life is to not demand perfection of yourself. Allow yourself to make mistakes. You should have no issues with trying things you think you couldn’t do for fear of failure and also it is motivation for getting better with things you don’t do well. Mistakes teach us lessons we wouldn’t have otherwise learned.



A life with no regrets is about caring for others. Make health a top priority for yourself as it helps you care for others.



Become intellectually curious. You don’t need to have a strong mind to spark your curiosity. If you don’t understand something, read about it and broaden your horizons. At the same time, you might just learn something else.


Be Positive

Reserve your energy for positive pursuits. Avoid spending it getting angry, worried, or inflicting negativity on others. Throw a tantrum and monitor how much energy it costs. These results are all the proof you need to know why avoiding this is the best course of action.


Courage of Conviction

Learn to have conviction. Be bold in your actions. Boldness allows you to live a rewarding life because you’re willing to grasp and make the most of anything which comes your way.


Creative Thinking

Try to find alternate solutions to your problems. You might just find more effective techniques which preserve your positive feelings.



Allow yourself to laugh. It enriches your life and it’s a proven fact happier people live longer.


Be Happy

Give yourself happiness. Happiness is the essence of a life without regrets. No person ever lived a regret free life without learning how to look for and find happiness in as many different situations as possible. This is something which is entirely in your control.



Think what you want. Don’t allow foreign ideologies and peer pressure to dictate where your mind goes. Freedom comes physically, but it’s also about providing yourself with the mental freedom. This doesn’t mean closing your mind to everyone else. It simply means making informed decisions and following the right direction.


Negativity Bypass

Control your negative thoughts. People who live life without regrets suffer from negativity from time to time, but they can overwrite it with positivity.


Solve It

Think of discontent as a mystery. The fun comes from trying to solve it. Try different things and alternate solutions. The answer is your first step on the road to happiness in your life.



Be honest. A life with no regrets isn’t done through deceit. If you have a fault, confront it and try to change it. The journey of self-improvement in any area of life is a source of satisfaction.


Know Where You’re Going

Following your path allows you to live a rewarding life because you’re not doing something due to someone else telling you to. It’s the ultimate expression of freedom.


Go with the Flow

Enjoy a life without regrets by moving with the flow. Those who are stuck in their ways tend to regret it as they pass up many opportunities for advancement. The world changes like the tides, move with it.


Seek Adventure

Adventurous souls are those who discover life’s little delights. It takes courage, but it opens you up to a world of entirely new experiences and will not leave you with a whole bucket list of things you never achieved.


Be Thankful

Be grateful for everything you have right now. Constantly thinking about what you don’t have only leads to depression and hatred. Why do you think those with nothing can have so much happiness in their lives?


Maximize It

Enjoy where you’re going. The fight to get the life with no regrets you want shouldn’t make you miserable. It should make you just as happy as the endgame.


Be Self-Sufficient

Become a person who can live just as well alone as you could with someone else. In essence, transform into the sort of person you would want to spend the rest of your
life with.


Live for the Moment

Live life right now. Ignore the past and don’t worry about the future. Those who focus on the future too much tend to forget how much of the present they’ve lost.


One Step at a Time

Aim to accomplish something each day. A simple random act of kindness, such as holding open a door for someone, can make every day a happy one.


Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

It doesn’t matter how much money you have. A life without regrets is about experience, not wealth. You leave your experiences and actions imprinted on those you leave behind. Money has no legacy, it dies with you.


Money Isn’t Everything

Money should never dictate what you do for a living. If you don’t love what you do, banish any thoughts of money from your mind and concentrate on transitioning into something else.


Financial Independence

Become independent from money by realising even the loneliest person is dependent on others. It’s a way to set yourself free as you’re no longer concentrating solely on money. This is how many people initially learn to live life with no regrets.


Use Money Wisely

Use money as a tool to improve yourself, not as your final destination. A rewarding lifestyle is something you can get with money. What you can’t get is the same lifestyle through the endless pursuit of money.

Put these things into practice and you have a great shot at a life without regrets. Embrace life and extract as much from it as you can by putting in as much as you can. We’ve only got the one life – it’s a shame to waste it – don’t you think?

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