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7 Amazing Reasons Not to Have Regrets ...

By Alison

There are many reasons not to have regrets, yet it is something that plagues many of us. We look back and wish that we had done things differently, or get angry with ourselves for mistakes we made. However, this is not productive, and makes us feel worse. Here are some amazing reasons not to have regrets …

1 Everything Has a Benefit

One of the best reasons not to have regrets is that pretty much everything has a positive aspect to it. Do you wish you'd never met your ex? Maybe he wasn't very good to you, but the relationship brought you your adored children. Even making mistakes teaches us something and helps us make changes to our lives and alter our way of approaching things.

2 That Time is past

Have you ever met someone who lives in the past? Memories can be lovely, but some people are really stuck in the past. They dwell on things that went wrong and how people were mean to them. Don't have regrets about things you did. It's better to be positive and forget about things that you cannot change. Look forward instead of looking backward.

3 Best Choice

Maybe you have made mistakes. We all do - it's part of what being human is all about. Life doesn't come with an instruction manual. Maybe things didn't turn out as you'd hoped; it's easy to look back and see where you went wrong. But you didn't have that information at the time. Accept your mistakes and forgive yourself. You made the best decision that you could at the time.

4 Nobody's Perfect

Regrets are often based around beating ourselves up for decisions that we now perceive as poor ones. Well, as Joe E. Brown said at the end of Some Like It Hot, "Nobody's perfect!" You're no exception, so don't expect perfection of yourself. Personal standards are good, but don't set the bar too high.

5 Pointless

Having regrets is actually pointless; you can't change anything that's already happened. At least, not until time travel becomes possible (and just think how complicated things would become if it were). Don't waste your time wishing that you'd made different choices or that things were different. They're not. Forget about it and get on with life.

6 Strength

Instead of having regrets about the past, see what your experiences have brought you. Remember: that which does not kill us makes us stronger. Making mistakes may mean that we get things wrong, but it can also be character-building. Your life might not have gone the way you'd hoped, but as a result you have, can and will cope with experiences that you didn't think you could.

7 Positive Outlook

It's far better to have a positive outlook (and yes, you can adopt one). Regrets are a waste of energy and emotions, and can leave us in a very stagnant position. Work on being optimistic instead, and on having confidence in yourself. Leave the past where it belongs and enjoy your life.

Most of us have regrets about the past. What if we'd made different decisions? Have we not really done anything with our life? Well, never mind that. You can't change the past. What you can do is do things differently from now on. It's never too late. What would you like to change about yourself?

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