7 Reasons Why Your Cat is Better than Your Boyfriend ...

By Paula

In case you've ever wondered why your cat is better than your boyfriend, listen up ladies - you're about to find out! Cats are loyal, affectionate and sensitive to your emotions, and those are just a few reasons I could mention. So here you have it - 7 reasons why your cat is better than your boyfriend (or maybe I'm just dating the wrong guy....)

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They're Sensitive to Emotions

They're Sensitive to Emotions Why is it than as soon as you feel sad, your cat will come and snuggle up on your lap? Of course, some cats are more independent than others but most cats will sense when you're feeling blue and come to give you some kitty love. This is just one reason why your cat is better than your boyfriend!


They Love You Unconditionally

They Love You Unconditionally Cats don't expect anything from you except some food a couple of times a day. They love you unconditionally and you love them back! I'm very close to our cat and we spend a lot of time together when I'm working from home, which makes me miss her when she's not around and she goes to spend time with my housemate - she's careful to share the love around so nobody feels left out!


They're Super-soft, Cuddly and Clean

They're Super-soft, Cuddly and Clean You know the way your boyfriend smells after a long day at work or a session down the gym? Your cat won't ever smell like that; cats are amongst the cleanest animals around! Your cat will always be clean and soft, and ok, sometimes their breath might smell of tuna fish, but there are worse things in life!


Your Cat Likes Chick Flicks

Your Cat Likes Chick Flicks There's no research to prove this statement, but your cat is unlikely to mind which film you choose to watch on Netflix. Horror, romantic comedy or thriller, your cat will cosy up on your lap and purr contentedly throughout; mind you my cat has a particular hatred for loud noises, so horror films are usually not her favorite. But at least you won't need to debate which film to watch for hours, just choose one, sit back and relax.


Your Cat's a Great Listener

Your Cat's a Great Listener You know those crazy cat ladies that spend all day chatting to their cats? Well, you don't have to take things that far, but there's no denying that cats are great listeners. You can talk to your cat about anything and they won't roll their eyes or say they're tired from a long day at the office. They'll just listen, with an occasional 'miaow' or a confused blink. Cats react to your tone of voice, so chatting in a high-pitched, soothing voice to your cat will help them to feel comforted and relaxed.

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Your Cat Won't Complain about Your Cooking

Your Cat Won't Complain about Your Cooking If your partner's a fussy eater, you'll know how annoying it can be to spend hours preparing a delicious meal, only to have them say they don't like it. Cats will be pleased by pretty much anything you put in front of them, although fish is always an extra special treat! They're unlikely to moan about your cooking skills.


Cats Love a Cosy Night in

Cats Love a Cosy Night in If your other half is always trying to drag you out socialising when all you want to do after work is relax in front of the TV, you know how tiring it can be. Cats spend up to 18 hours sleeping a day, so your cat is the ideal companion for a snuggled up night in on the sofa!

They say dogs are man's best friend, but I think cats come pretty close too! Whether you agree with me that cats are better than boyfriends or are lyou ucky enough to be dating Mr Perfect, I'd love to hear some thoughts about your cat below.

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My kitten likes animated movies, and my old female cat likes dystopian... And they also love to comfort me by sleeping on my face and purring.

Aww this made me miss my kitty so much! I used to talk to her about everything and she was there through my breakups, my bad days at work and the birth of my son. I had her for 5 years and she's irreplaceable. No doubt kitties enrich your lives.

Dogs are man's best friend, cats are women's! Love kitties:)

cats won't leave u no matter what love my babies if I had to choose between a bf and cats it would for sure be the cats :p

I talk to my cat a lot she's a chatty one! She always meows back haha She might be nearly 12 years old but she looooves her cuddles, and she's still as playful as a kitten!

Haha this was too cute!

Another reason to stay single.

Always when i'm sad my kitty comes to me to snuggle

I love my cats and my boyfriend just as much as each other