7 Reasons Why It's Fine Not to Be Sociable ...


Although people often think it's odd if you don't want company, there are plenty of reasons why it's fine not to be sociable. Some of us enjoy our own company, and if you prefer to be on your own then there's no reason why you shouldn't do just that. Even if you like company, there are still times when you don't want or need it. Here are some reasons why it's fine not to be sociable …

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You're Happy as You Are

One reason why it's fine not to be sociable is if you're happy as you are. Perhaps all you need in your life is your partner, your pets and a few good friends. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that - quality, not quantity is perfectly valid when it comes to the people in your life. If you wouldn't gain anything by being more sociable, then what's the point?


Quiet Time

Everybody needs time to be alone and chill out. Being around other people may be fun - we all want to see friends sometimes - but it's equally important to kick back and relax. When you've been out at work all day and had a long commute home, being sociable may be the last thing you want. If you prefer to put your feet up and watch Mad Men, go ahead.


Spend Less

Socialising can be pretty expensive, especially when you go out in a group. There's always someone who insists on splitting the bill evenly, even though they had more expensive items and lots of cocktails! So being less sociable can save you quite a lot of cash that could be better put to other uses, such as spending it on your home.


Hell is Other People

Even if you don't quite agree with Sartre's famous quote, being around other people can be quite exhausting. You have to deal with their emotional dramas and demands, and risk getting caught up in problems that are nothing to do with you. If friends have fallen out with each other, they can try to drag you into arguments. At times like this, staying at home can be the easiest option.



Do you ever go out because you feel that you ought to, but you'd really rather just be at home with your partner (or by yourself)? We're made to feel that there is something wrong with us if we don't have an active social life. Yet even the most sociable person has days when they want quiet time, and for some of us, socialising really isn't that much fun.


Not Your Nature

Maybe you're the kind of person who prefers being at home. There's nothing wrong with that! If you don't really enjoy socialising, you shouldn't force yourself. You'll just end up having a miserable evening and spending your money on something you're not even enjoying. Stick to doing things you do enjoy.


Your Life

It's your life and you should live it exactly how you please. Other people's opinions are irrelevant. If you've no interest in being sociable or prefer to spend your time with a few select people, there's nothing wrong with that. You don't have to satisfy anyone else's expectations.

So if you don't much enjoy hanging around with other people, don't worry that there's something wrong with you - there isn't. You might just be a quiet kind of person or believe in 'quality not quantity' when it comes to friends. Nor do you need to socialise with co-workers if you don't want to. Are you a party animal or a homebird - or somewhere in between?

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I've never been overly social & people have always taken it as me not being friendly! I have one good friend & my boyfriend & that's about it, but it doesn't really bother me until someone brings it up or I have to be in a social situation by myself! My boyfriend is really outgoing, but he was just telling me these same reasons for it being okay for me not being social! Thank you for normalizing me!

Finally I read something that describes how I am, and I feel good being how I am, people always makes me feel like I'm a boring person but actually it's not that, I'm just not so interested on people at all.

I actually feel like being with people now is making me feel insecure... Im worried about being bullied

Very good article, thanks a lot,

How crazy to see this article?!? My household is on the other end of the state for spring break. I was supposed to meet up two days ago, but I've yet to even pack 'cause I'm enjoying being home alone soooo much!

Im 18 and im definitely not social. Since im graduating this year, I have to do a lot of homework and meet a lot of new people because of the classes that im taking and people say it all the time that im strange or even boring and it kinda bothered me and i think it will always as long people bring it up

I have 1 best friend, 1 pet and a boyfriend. I'm very happy to be home

It's really fine for me not to be sociable because of the reasons mentioned here. Besides my husband is disable already and I have to attend to his needs. He really needs my company better than other persons.

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