7 Reasons to Love Single Life ...


7 Reasons to Love Single Life ...
7 Reasons to Love Single Life ...

Love single life, don’t hate it! I’ve been single since 2008 and I’ve never been happier. Sure, I don’t have a man around to open pickle jars, squish spiders, or lift heavy things, but I also don’t have a man around to moan and complain and judge me for my eating habits and love of Jane Austen novels, either. Here are 7 Reasons to Love Single Life.

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You Can Have Cereal for Dinner and Pizza for Breakfast

You Can Have Cereal for Dinner and Pizza for Breakfast Some nights, I just want toast and tea for dinner. Some mornings, I crave left-over pizza. This is one of the biggest reasons I love single life. I can eat what I want, when I want, and not answer any judgmental questions about it.


You Don’t Have a “side” of the Bed

You Don’t Have a “side” of the Bed My queen-sized bed is mine, unless I choose to share it. I tend to sleep on the side closest to my bedroom door, but most nights, I spread out, arms and legs tangled in the sheets, one end to the other, and I use all of the pillows. Hooray for NOT sharing my bed with a snoring, gassy man!


You Can Smooch as You Choose when You Are Single

You Can Smooch as You Choose when You Are Single There’s nothing wrong with smooching every guy you like, unless of course, you’re married or partnered up with someone. I love single life because I can flirt with or smooch whomever I want. Not that I get to do a whole lot of it, but hey! I can when I want.


Flirting is Fun!

Flirting is Fun! And by the way, flirting is fun! I love the thrill of the chase, making eye contact and fluttering my lashes at a handsome stranger on the train, in line at the shop, wherever! It’s fun to see how many smiles and appreciative stares I can get on an afternoon when I’m feeling “on”.


Far Less Facebook Drama for Those Who Are Single

Far Less Facebook Drama for Those Who Are Single I can’t even begin to tell you how much Facebook (and real-life) drama there is when you’re in a couple. Your ex’s. His ex’s. Your mutual friends. All of your own little lover’s quarrels. I’m so loving single life because there’s so much less drama!


More Time with Friends

More Time with Friends The number one thing all of my friends complain about when they’re married or coupled up is that they never have time for friends. Well, I have loads of time for friends, and it seems like every weekend there’s something fun going on.


It’s Okay to Skip a Day of Shaving when You Are Single

It’s Okay to Skip a Day of Shaving when You Are Single Finally, a practical reason to love being single. Listen, if I’m extra-sleepy, or just feeling lazy, I don’t have to take the extra ten minutes in the morning to shave my legs. I know it sounds petty, but hey, that extra ten minutes of sleep can mean the difference between zombie-ville and feeling perky that day!

Now I’m not suggesting you dump your beau and start enjoying these little perks of a happy single life, but I am saying that if you are single, it’s not the end of the world! There are a lot of reasons** I love single life**, and you will too… until Mr. Right (or Mr. Right Now) comes along. Who’s with me, ladies? Who else loves single life, and why? Please share!

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I've been single since 2007. The one thing I love is that I've learned so much about myself! When you're with someone you spend most of your time doing things you both enjoy... Ex: you watch the movie you both want to watch, you eat at the place you both agree is good. But when you're single, you don't have a reason to compromise. For the first time I've been completely free to explore my interests as I please. I've learned so much about myself that I've actually come to love myself so much more. I'm truly an amazing woman, full of surprises, with a desire and lust for life. Sure, it was a bit toughbeing single in the beginning, but now I love it so much that I refuse to settle.

i love # 6 but 2 much is bad

Hmm interesting, but with the right person none of this matters. Me and my boyfriend eat whatever the hell we want and enjoy fighting over movies (action vs chick flick)

Not shaving sometimes and all the other ones are cool. One tip dont ever update your relationship status. just an opinion

when you are single, every night could be the night, every moment could be the moment, it's oxymoronic to think of the best part of being single linked to the prospect of meeting someone. But that excitement of meeting the one and the fun of early dating is something I hold on to.

yeah right!agree! :)

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