7 Reasons to Love Single Life ...

By Jennifer

7 Reasons to Love Single Life ...

Love single life, don’t hate it! I’ve been single since 2008 and I’ve never been happier. Sure, I don’t have a man around to open pickle jars, squish spiders, or lift heavy things, but I also don’t have a man around to moan and complain and judge me for my eating habits and love of Jane Austen novels, either. Here are 7 Reasons to Love Single Life.

1 You Can Have Cereal for Dinner and Pizza for Breakfast

Some nights, I just want toast and tea for dinner. Some mornings, I crave left-over pizza. This is one of the biggest reasons I love single life. I can eat what I want, when I want, and not answer any judgmental questions about it.

2 You Don’t Have a “side” of the Bed

My queen-sized bed is mine, unless I choose to share it. I tend to sleep on the side closest to my bedroom door, but most nights, I spread out, arms and legs tangled in the sheets, one end to the other, and I use all of the pillows. Hooray for NOT sharing my bed with a snoring, gassy man!

3 You Can Smooch as You Choose when You Are Single

There’s nothing wrong with smooching every guy you like, unless of course, you’re married or partnered up with someone. I love single life because I can flirt with or smooch whomever I want. Not that I get to do a whole lot of it, but hey! I can when I want.

4 Flirting is Fun!

And by the way, flirting is fun! I love the thrill of the chase, making eye contact and fluttering my lashes at a handsome stranger on the train, in line at the shop, wherever! It’s fun to see how many smiles and appreciative stares I can get on an afternoon when I’m feeling “on”.

5 Far Less Facebook Drama for Those Who Are Single

I can’t even begin to tell you how much Facebook (and real-life) drama there is when you’re in a couple. Your ex’s. His ex’s. Your mutual friends. All of your own little lover’s quarrels. I’m so loving single life because there’s so much less drama!

6 More Time with Friends

The number one thing all of my friends complain about when they’re married or coupled up is that they never have time for friends. Well, I have loads of time for friends, and it seems like every weekend there’s something fun going on.

7 It’s Okay to Skip a Day of Shaving when You Are Single

Finally, a practical reason to love being single. Listen, if I’m extra-sleepy, or just feeling lazy, I don’t have to take the extra ten minutes in the morning to shave my legs. I know it sounds petty, but hey, that extra ten minutes of sleep can mean the difference between zombie-ville and feeling perky that day!

Now I’m not suggesting you dump your beau and start enjoying these little perks of a happy single life, but I am saying that if you are single, it’s not the end of the world! There are a lot of reasons** I love single life**, and you will too… until Mr. Right (or Mr. Right Now) comes along. Who’s with me, ladies? Who else loves single life, and why? Please share!

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