7 Reasons to Vote ...


7 Reasons to Vote ...
7 Reasons to Vote ...

Reasons to Vote -- since it's an election year, everyone I know is talking about them. In a few short months, we Americans will elect our next president, the man (or woman, I suppose) who will lead our country for the next four years. Exciting, no? I think so, which is why I'm so shocked that so few of us eligible voters actually, well, vote! There are so many very compelling Reasons to Vote, too, that it's time you consider them, if you aren't a regular voter. Here, my dear, are 7 reasons to vote.

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To Be Heard

If there's an issue you can about, whether it's foreign policy, gay rights, or the environment, the best way to be heard is to vote for a candidate that represents your stance. Do some digging to see which of the candidates cares about the same issues you do, and vote for them, so you can be heard!


To Be Counted

In the Iowa caucuses, one candidate won over another by only eight votes. That's not the first time a vote has been this close! Every vote counts, especially yours. This is one of the most compelling reasons to vote!


So You Can Complain

If you don't vote, then you can't complain about anything that happens in the political arena. It's that simple.


To Know the Process

Up until I became a voter, I had no idea how incredibly cool the process is. You register with the state to vote. You show up at your local polling station, and a poll worker finds your name in their huge three-ring binder, checks you off, and then you go vote. If you're lucky, some of the candidates will be outside the polling station, so you can ask some last-minute questions. This is a great reason to vote because you'll know what's going on and feel like you're part of the process.


For Future Generations

Often times, voting can change the world, as it did in the 2008 election, when we chose the very first African American president of the United States. Wouldn't you like to be involved with voting in the first candidate that represents you, or your children, or your grandchildren?


To Set an Example

More about children. If you don't vote, or aren't involved, then chances are, neither will your children. I let them see me deciding on a candidate, and involve them in my decision-making. I take them with me when I vote so they get to see how the process works, so they're familiar with it. If you want to set a good civic example, this is an excellent reason to vote!


Because We Can

It took many, many years before anyone who wasn't an old, rich white guy could vote. Why not exercise the right that so many of our forefathers and mothers fought so hard for us to have?

Now that you've read my list, I hope you have some great reasons to vote come November as well! It's important to be heard, and for all of these others reasons to vote! Maybe I'll see you at the polls... until then, spread the word! Let everyone know these reasons to vote, and maybe even share a few of your own!

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