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Digital Book Readers, like the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes and Noble Nook, are becoming almost as popular as the ubiquitous iPod, and after some initial resistance, I embraced the technology and am now a fan. While I'm still a fan of print books, and will never get rid of my extensive paper library, I'm happy to say I love my digital book reader (an original Kindle), too. What's to love about an eReader? Here are some persuasive arguments that may help you make up your mind. Here are 7 reasons to try a digital book reader.

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It Saves Space

My original Kindle digital book reader can hold up to 1,400 books. My puny little bookshelf, however, can only hold a fraction of that, and naturally it takes up a lot more space. Especially for someone like me, who is always on the move, an eReader is a marvelous space saver.


It Saves Time

Along with saving space, using a digital book reader can also save time. How? Because rather than going out to the bookstore to buy a book, with a few simple clicks at a website, or right from your eReader, you can download the book. This is particularly handy and time-saving in the middle of the night, when you've just finished book one of the Hunger Games trilogy,and really, really want to read book two.


They're Easy to Use

Unlike some small devices, an eReader or digital book reader is really easy to use. The titles are stored on a virtual shelf, and you can add bookmarks, highlight passages, and more, all with a few little clicks.


They're Inexpensive

I'll be the first to admit that when digital book readers first hit the market, they were pretty pricey. Not anymore! A basic eReader can be purchased for less than $100; in fact, they're so reasonably priced, they make great gifts!


So Many Titles Are Available

There are more than a million books, newspapers and magazines available for the Kindle digital book reader alone, with more added every day, including books that are rare and out of print. It might be easier to find a digital book for your eReader than to find the print copy!


They're for More than Just Books

Above, I mentioned that there are more than just books available on your eReader, and it's true! I subscribe to two newspapers and three magazines on my digital book reader, and delivery is instant. It's so convenient, and I feel like it's better for the environment than buying a print newspaper or magazine.


Titles Are Inexpensive, Too

Many digital books are free, and even the ones you have to pay for, like new releases, are cheaper than the print version. Example: the hardcover copy of book two of the Hunger Games, Catching Fire, is $8.99. The immediate-delivery Kindle version is only $7.70, plus you don't pay for shipping.

With so many reasons to try a digital book reader, you've got to at least take one for a test-read! There are digital book readers for demo at most electronics stores, and at bookstores... why not just try it, and see what you think? Or are you a die-hard paper-only person? Let me know!

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I was thinking of buying once, but then I got this thought, don't u think reading is more fun using more than senses? I realized a part of me likes getting to know all kinds of papers and flipping through pages though they take more time and effort lol... Weird isn't it??

I'm thinking of getting a Nook possibly...my birthday is coming up so here's hoping!

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