7 Reasons to Tune out of TV for a Week ...


7 Reasons to Tune out of TV for a Week ...
7 Reasons to Tune out of TV for a Week ...

I’ve got a few reasons to give up TV for a week that some of you may find strange, but hear me out. I used to be a television nut. I watched it nearly all day when I was home, and when I got home from work, it was the first thing I cut on. Later on, I realized just how much I was missing once I stopped watching so much. Though I have a few shows that I watch now on occasion, the truth is, my life is much better without so much of the tube all the time! Check out some of my favorite reasons to give up TV, just for a week. You might be surprised how much you start to enjoy life in a whole new way!

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Lack of Creativity

One of the main reasons to give up TV for a week is it literally robs your brain of creativity. Our minds prefer to create, be active and engage in ideas and the world around us. Watching the lives of someone else, whether they're real or fictional, sure doesn’t give us too much creativity! Sure, watching a cooking show or the news is much better than reality TV, but once in awhile, it’s nice to be with your own thoughts and ideas instead of someone else’s.


Lack of Communication

If you live with others, another reason to give up TV for a week is because it robs you of communication with them. Sure, you can talk during commercials, but that’s not true conversation that’s meaningful. I know it sounds hokey, but instead of watching TV together, go do an activity together. Take a walk, try playing a game or going to dinner. Even better, cook dinner together at home and don’t eat in front of the TV. Eat at the dinner table, and actually talk. Communication with others will give you more joy than any TV show will, I promise. Even if your family gets on your nerves at times, communicating with them is important and it’s also a great way to enhance your communication skills with others.



How many times have you watched a TV show and compared yourself to the lives of the stars on the show, or some pretty girl that’s a size 0, and 5’10” tall? I don’t know about you, but watching TV sure sets us up for an easy way to compare ourselves to the lives of others, and to other women. I find I’m much happier with my life and my body when I'm not always looking at someone else that's probably fictional anyway, even if it’s “reality” TV.


Lack of Knowledge

I find that my brain just isn’t as happy when I’m not doing something that stimulates it like learning, reading, writing or talking with others. Watching TV gives your brain no knowledge of anything in your own life, and it also makes you zone out into the lives of others. I think the news might be the only exception here, or possibly Jeopardy if you want to get technical about the “knowledge” side! However, I think our minds prefer to be much more active through learning things in the world around us, not viewing it all on TV. Instead of watching the news, pick up a newspaper or magazine, and no, entertainment magazines and tabloids don’t count! I find I’m much happier when doing something that engages my mind than I am when I’m just sitting, watching and observing the life of someone else.



Now, let’s get physical about it- TV requires way too much sitting, and that’s not good for you, dear! Sitting is becoming the new equivalent of smoking when it comes to early death and obesity. Get out and get moving, even if it’s just around your house. Save TV night for one or two nights a week and try to be more active. You might even drop a few pounds and become a little more toned in the process!



Another reason to give up so much TV? It’s an easy way to snack, and we all know what that means- nonstop eating at night. This creates an ugly nightly ritual that many people find a hard time breaking up with. It can lead to weight gain, and even binge eating. Plus, it makes us associate sitting and watching TV with eating, even if we’re not hungry. Turn off the tube and do something instead, and don’t snack at night unless your stomach is actually growling. Hopefully, if you had a healthy dinner, you’ll be satisfied anyway.



During my worst days of depression, all I did was watch TV, and most people actually find themselves more depressed when they watch a lot of TV. Sure, I think that one day of relaxing on the sofa with football or Lifetime movies is normal for men or women, but on a regular basis, it’s just not healthy and can make your mood plummet quickly. Try doing something that engages your mind, and your mood will benefit in big ways. Sitting alone contributes to depression, which is one reason watching TV can enhance the effects of depression.

It’s best to save your TV for one or two nights a week, and keep it to 1-2 hours at a max. If it seems strange at first, just try it for a week. Come up with all kinds of fun things to do instead, and if nothing else, take a hot bath and just read! You’ll be amazed how rejuvenated you’ll feel.
Have you ever given up TV for a week before?

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