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7 Reasons to Turn down a Job That You Must Consider ...

By Alicia

Sometimes there are good reasons to turn down a job, even if it is an opportunity that looks tempting to you at first. Anytime that you make a career change, you should give it a lot of thought. It is important to consider both the pros and cons and weigh them out. Sometimes there will be good reasons to turn down a job once you have thoroughly thought about it.

1 It’s a Pay Cut

One of the reasons to turn down a job is if it means taking a pay cut. Most of us work because we need to earn a living. If the job you are considering means that your pay will go down, you need to give that a lot of thought before you accept. Sometimes the pay cut is only temporary and in that situation, it may be a good decision. It is something that you have to sort out for yourself.

2 There is a High Turnover Rate

If there is a high turnover rate in the job position that you are considering taking, think about that very carefully. People don’t vacate a job for no reason. While you can certainly understand that some turnover will happen, if very few people stay in that job position for more than 6 months to a year, it is worth noting. I personally would be very leery of going into a job where I saw high turnover rate. I would not want to be the next statistic that left that job.

3 A Bad Reputation

When a place of business has a bad reputation, it is worth taking into consideration. Of course, you have to consider that factor with a grain of salt. Who is giving it the bad reputation? Why are they doing so? Is it an isolated individual or is it a larger number of people?

4 You Are Hearing Rumors

If you are hearing rumors about the place of business you may be going to work for, think about that. While you cannot believe everything that you hear, a lot of times, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Listen to what is being said and filter it. Does it seem to be legitimate? You can always talk to the human resource personnel at your new potential place of employment to see how they weigh in.

5 You Are Happy Where You Are

If you are happy in your current job, you may not want to trade that in for uncertainty. You do not know what the next job you take holds for you. You do know what your current one does. Do you want to give up the happiness and contentment you have in your current job? Sometimes it may not be worth the trade in.

6 There is No Job Security

Job security is a fairly fluid term as it is difficult to attain for most anyone, but some positions have more security than others. If you feel secure in your current job but do not feel like there is any job security in the position you are considering, you may want to take some time to think that over. Of course no one knows the future and this is a situation where you just have to make the best decision that you can make with the information that you have. But it is definitely a factor to give thought to.

7 You Have a Bad Feeling

Sometimes, a new job opportunity seems wonderful. It has so much to offer you in room for growth, pay and benefits. But you just have a bad feeling about it. Sometimes that is just the fear of the unknown, and sometimes it is your instinct telling you to pass on it. Only you can figure out which one it is and make that decision.

Making the decision to take a different job is difficult at times. I hope that these tips have given you some food for thought in that situation. What are some reasons you have passed on a job before?

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