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60 Ways to Shake up Your Life ...

By Gunit

Bored of following the same routine? Want to try something that makes you feel alive. You need some ways to shake up your life.

Life is lazier than we are. You need to take some initiative to move your life from dull to glowing. Try these things today!

1 Plan Ahead

2 Paint Your Room and Decorate It the Way You Want

3 Bake and Cook

4 Scream Your Heart out

5 Outshine Your Talents

6 Stand out in a Crowded Street

7 Light up Your World with Lavender Scent Candles

8 Read for Escapism

9 Pet Your Pet

10 Go for a Run

11 Challenge Yourself

12 Do Some Yoga

13 Daydream

14 Write in Your Diary for a Therapeutic Release of Feelings Dumped in Your Heart

15 Watch a Comedy TV Show

16 Take a Hot Shower after a Workout

17 Get Outdoors

18 Take a Day off from College or Work

19 Learn to Play Guitar and Sing along

20 Remember Halcyon Days for a Jolt of Happiness

21 Listen to Music

22 Build a Scrapbook for Memories

23 Don't Keep Things Bottled up, Lean on a Friend

24 Dine out

25 Try a Detox

26 Paint Something

27 Get Some Fresh Air

28 Get Away from It All, Take a Vacation

29 Fall in Love with Nature

30 Get Rid of the Remorse in Your Heart and Move on

31 Stand out in This World Full of Liars

32 Compose a Music Video

33 Pray Everyday and Thank the Lord for Everything

34 Buy the Outfit You Love

35 Live the Breathless Moments Even if It Breaks You down

36 Feel Alive

37 Try New Hairdos

38 Get a Tattoo

39 Listen to Your Heart, but Follow Your Mind

40 Click Worthy Moments Are Everywhere

41 Some Friends May Come and Go, but Best Friends Are Forever, Treasure 'em

42 Go for Sunday Brunch with Friends

43 Forgive People, but Never Forget What They Did to Hurt You

44 Be a Mentor

45 Be Bright and Clever

46 Trust Your Vibe and Passion

47 Respect and Love Yourself

48 Never Depend on Someone else

49 Stay Strong

50 Smile and Turn the Worst Situations into Your Own Little Spot of Heaven

51 Always do One Thing at a Time

52 Put Your Education First

53 Love Books More than People, Books Never Betray

54 Start Saving Money for the Dreams You Want to Achieve

55 Stop Waiting for Friday

56 Take Risks

57 Never Swallow Your Words

58 Look Good, Feel Good

59 Get a Diet Chart to Follow

60 Set up a Fitness Goal

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