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7 Rules to Follow to Live Life to the Fullest ...

By Donatella

Life is too short to not enjoy every minute, so be sure to live life to the fullest every single day! Sure there will be good days and bad days, but learning how to have fun and see the beauty in every day is the most important. The truth is there are no "rules" to follow, but here are the most advised ways to live life to the fullest.

1 Laugh

LaughOne of the most important rules to live life to the fullest is to laugh at everything. Try to find something funny in every situation. Even if something is not going the way you planned, always remember that you have very little control of a situation's outcome and that everything will work itself out soon enough. It's difficult to laugh when your world feels like it's crashing down, but just know this very important truth: everything happens for a reason, so laugh!

2 Don't Set Expectations

Don't Set ExpectationsI've learned that setting expectations is the root of all evil! I used to be extremely OCD and make lists on top of lists and expect so much out of everything. And you know how I'd feel every day, living a life full of worry and expectations of the future? Angry and anxious. Life is way more fun just going with the flow, hoping for the best, but not expecting a specific outcome.

3 Always Find the Good and Be Thankful

Always Find the Good and Be ThankfulThis goes hand in hand with not setting expectations. Try to find the good in all situations and feel thankful that life is a beautiful crazy ride. Again, it will not always be easy...I know that because I've had good days and really bad days and when it's bad, it is really bad. But getting in the habit of training your brain to see the good in a situation will give you a peace of mind and help you enjoy life even during the tough times.

4 Take Time to Relax

Take Time to RelaxListen to your body. You are not a matter how invincible you think you are, you're not Super Woman. If your body is telling you that it needs to take time to relax, then listen to it. Your body is your temple and in order to live the fullest life, you must first take care of the body that will grant you that beautiful gift. There are days that I'm going and going until I finally feel my body telling me, just stop, breathe and take a nap.

5 Do What Makes You Happy

Do What Makes You HappyIt's your life after all, isn't it? Sure your parents and friends and family want what's best for you and will interject their own opinions on how you should live your life, but ultimately it's your life and you need to do what makes you happy. Try to turn off the noise around you and only focus on what your inner guide, your gut, and your heart are telling you. You know you better than anyone else.

6 Love and Accept Yourself and Others

Love and Accept Yourself and OthersLove is what makes this world go round. Love is the most beautiful and pure thing we have and it's the closest thing we have to magic. To fully enjoy life and live it to the fullest you absolutely must love yourself and love others. It may surprise you how different your life will feel and unfold when you accept love and give love.

7 Know You Are Accepted and Validated

Know You Are Accepted and ValidatedAfter all of the craziness I've gone through this past year and a half out of college, I have discovered that the most horrible feeling in the world is not having a sense of belonging and not knowing where you fit in the world. On the other hand, the most amazing, rewarding, and magical feeling in the world is feeling accepted and feeling validated.

My hope for you is that you feel accepted and validated and that you know just how loved and special you are. Don't live a life full of worry and confusion because it will prevent you from living your life to the fullest. What do you do to live your life to the fullest?

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