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30 of Life's Simple Pleasures ...

By Neecey

In these days of hectic lifestyles and high tech gadgets, it’s good to remind ourselves of life’s simple pleasures. Sure, it’s great to know that your iPhone can remind you to get to your next appointment on time, but life’s simple pleasures don’t need an app to deliver, and most times don’t cost money either. Here’s my list of life’s simple pleasures.

1 A Lie-in on a Rainy Day

When the rain is spattering on the window, your bed becomes a sanctuary. Snuggling deeper into the pillow and pulling the quilt up to your nose or settling in with the latest blockbuster while the weather does its thing is definitely one of life’s simple pleasures.

2 An Unexpected Compliment

We all love to be complimented, and it’s even nicer when it comes as a surprise. The day might have been dreary or proceeded normally and suddenly, an unexpected source says something really nice about/to you – suddenly the day seems so much brighter.


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3 People Watching

Better than endless re-runs and not-so-hot movies – the best reality show ever is people watching. One of the simple pleasures of life is enjoying the unique quality of every individual when they are in action, whether they’re shopping, walking arm in arm with a loved one, dabbing each crumb of a croissant in a coffee shop or talking animatedly on a cell phone.

4 Stereo Speak

Some of the really simple joys of life can be so insignificant yet produce an instant smile. It might be a rare occurrence, but I’m sure you know what I mean about the reaction you have when you say the same thing simultaneously with someone else. Random but smile-worthy.

5 Unexpected Windfalls

Ok, so that’s a little exaggeration, but who doesn’t love to find money you didn’t know you had? A $20 bill tucked into a pocket from the last time you wore those pants or a few bucks down the side of the sofa – so what if it doesn’t make you a millionaire? You’re richer than you were a few minutes ago.

6 Giggles

Unless it's nerves in an interview, there’s nothing quite like sharing a fit of the giggles.

7 Fresh Bed Linen

Sliding into a freshly made bed with newly laundered sheets is definitely one of life’s little pleasures. Cool to the touch and as you slide in, it feels so crisp and clean and like a new bed.

8 Eye Contact

You’re innocently walking down the street or waiting for the bus. He walks or drives past. Glancing up momentarily, your eyes meet – just briefly. There’s a frisson of curiosity and then in a split second, it’s over and he’s gone. But, oh, for that brief moment …

9 Workout Glow

Isn’t it just a great feeling that, after a healthy workout, you know you have been making yourself look better and feel better? Exercise may be hard work but the rewards justify the effort and when you leave the gym, or hop into the shower, you should feel on top of the world.

10 It Clicks

Be celebrant of that moment when suddenly something makes sense. So what if they explained it to you umpteen times, and so what if they all said it’s so simple a simpleton can understand it. You didn’t … but now you do. The celebration of the instant something makes sense is one of life’s little pleasures.

11 Sleepy Treat

Something wakes you abruptly, making you think it’s time to get up, but then you glance over at the alarm clock and realize there’s a few more hours before you have to get up. Delicious!

12 Snail Mail

You remember this, right? The fact that, these days, we communicate instantly by SMS, online chat or email, makes receiving something (other than junk mail) through the post one of the simple pleasures of life in the 21st Century. There’s joy in knowing that someone has taken the extra trouble to write you a letter or send you a gift.

13 Reminiscing

It’s nice to share your stories and memories but it’s made so much sweeter when you recount those stories with the people who lived those moments alongside you. Greatest achievements, funny events and even accidents go a notch up the good memory factor when recounted with friends.

14 Hugs

Being enveloped in a snuggly hug is one of the joys in life. For those few moments you can close your eyes and revel in the love and comfort and safety of those arms wrapped around you.

15 Watery Fun

It doesn’t matter how old you are, playing in water is always a fillip for the soul. Jumping in puddles, walking hand in hand in the rain, dodging fountains in the mall, a cocktail in the Jacuzzi or cutting through still water as you’re the first to dive into the pool …

16 Beautiful View

They do say the best things in life are free and some of those best things are those provided to us by Mother Nature. She has bestowed some stunning scenery on our world – drink it in and rejoice.

17 Laughter

Laughter is medicine for the soul and quite literally good for you. If you’re laughing so hard you can barely breathe, you are releasing lots of do-good endorphins as well as sharing special moments that do wonders for your mood. And, on the same lines, making someone smile or laugh is certainly one of life’s simple pleasures.

18 The Wonders of Nature

You don’t have to turn on Animal Planet or read National Geographic to enjoy nature. Look out the window to see flowers blooming, a lady bug crawling on a leaf, or a butterfly finding somewhere to settle. Even better, sit in a circle of friends on a summer’s day making daisy chains, or blow a dandelion clock.

19 Hairbrush Microphones

It doesn’t have to be a hairbrush. Anything that doubles as a microphone will do as you belt out your favorite tune alone in your room or in the shower. No one can hear and who cares if they do? This is your moment.

20 Skinny Dipping

We get so few chances to really let go. The confines of society dictate our behavior and the need for clothing. When you get the first chance to go skinny dipping, throw off those clothes and get in the water. The nakedness is natural, liberating and invigorating.

21 A New Haircut

You’ve chosen a totally different style, you know you’ll probably never get it to look as good as that moment the stylist shows you in the mirror what the back of your cut looks like – but hey, revel in the moment that this may well be a perfect hair day.

22 Coming Home

Whether you’ve been in pursuit of life’s treats on vacation or you’re going home to your parents at semester's end, crossing the doorstep of home is one of the simple pleasures in life. It’s so good to be welcomed with those familiar smells and sights and sounds of home.

23 Sunny Days

Grab a lawn chair, a cool drink, stick on your shades and kick back. Alternatively spread a picnic rug under a shady tree where the birds are chirping and share a glass of icy fizz with a loved one. Scrunch your toes in the grass, let the breeze ruffle your hair, and enjoy the sun’s warmth on your skin. Bliss.

24 Invitations

Don’t you just adore invitations? Why are they one of the little joys of life? Because you get to buy a new outfit, dress up, go to a great venue, meet with friends and family and celebrate someone’s special occasion.

25 The First Sip

Whether it’s the first cup of coffee in the morning filling your nose with rich aromas, or that iced drink you’ve been gagging for all the way home, that first sip is special.

26 Holding Hands

Each time he/she grabs your hand, you’re reminded how much you care. This gesture is subtler than you imagine. It’s sensual and physically intimate, and it’s special because, well, think about it – how many people do you hold hands with?

27 Achievements

You’ve sweated, you’ve cried, and ok, you haven’t shed blood, but damned near well near as, but yes! You’ve done it! That sense of reward and self-achievement when you’ve accomplished a long term goal, finished a project, shed that final pound, or crossed the finishing line of a marathon is surely one of the best feelings ever – priceless.

28 Friends

Just one of life’s simple pleasures. Enough said.

29 Silence

Take advantage of those precious moments when you can hear your brain whirring and nothing else. Light some scented candles and draw a hot bath. Close the drapes, curl up on a comfy chair and just contemplate everything that is good. Silence is golden after all.

30 And Last but Not Least
I’m being a bit self-gratuitous here but I think you’ll agree with me that, if the best things in life are free, then the AWS app is definitely one of the best things. Where else can you read great advice, find great tips and join a community of like-minded, intelligent, spirited women?

I think these simple pleasures of life I have picked out have universal appeal, but I’m sure you all have your own ideas. What are the gifts of life you appreciate?

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