7 Life Lessons Jenna Marbles Taught Me ...


7 Life Lessons Jenna Marbles Taught Me ...
7 Life Lessons Jenna Marbles Taught Me ...

Believe it or not, you can learn a ton of life lessons from Jenna Marbles! If you don't already know, Jenna Marbles is a YouTube personality who is often spastic and always hilarious. This post is meant to be humorous and I warn you in advance that many life lessons from Jenna Marbles are not meant for those who are easily offended. But if you're looking for a good laugh, want to see some adorable little dogs, and maybe even learn some decent advice, then check out all of these life lessons from Jenna Marbles!

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How to Trick People into Thinking You're Good Looking

Back in July of 2009, the first and biggest of the life lessons from Jenna Marbles went viral and ultimately started her YouTube career. "How to Trick People Into Thinking You're Good Looking" teaches us how many girls try to look good by superficial means such as bleaching their hair, tanning their skin, and wearing so much eye makeup they look like a raccoon. Jenna does this in such a humorous and sarcastic way that it caused her to gain millions of subscribers and views!


How to Avoid Talking to People You Don't Want to Talk to

Jenna's next biggest life lesson was to teach us girls how to avoid talking to people you don't want to talk to. She describes the situation a lot of us have been put in, when you're out with your girl friends and some guy just won't leave you alone. Instead of telling him to go away (which often doesn't work), you should try Jenna's "face." Just watch the video and you will know exactly what I mean. Also, you're welcome!


What Disney Movies Really Taught Us

In this video, Jenna Marbles taught us the ridiculous things that Disney movies subliminally taught us as kids, especially focusing on the Disney Princesses. She points out things like the Princesses gave us all unrealistic hair expectations, treat animals like servants, and wear pretty promiscuous outfits. It's funny to think of all the things we overlooked as kids when watching Disney movies.


How Sports Bras Work

I know this lesson isn't one that we ladies need to learn but it's more so a lesson to teach men. I actually loved this video because it was a rant against a Turkish journalist who wrote that the Olympic games are killing womanhood. His article basically stated that Olympic women's bodies don't look "womanly" enough and that woman should get bonus points in the Olympics for looking more "womanly." Jenna then goes on to show what she looks like in a sports bra with no makeup compared to what she looks like in a push-up bra with makeup. It was interesting to see that some guys don't understand the concept of a sports bra.


How to Decode Text Messages

In this video, Jenna created a funny infomercial for a fake "Text Message Decoder" manual. Some of the text message decoding she shows is actually kind of true, which makes it pretty funny to watch. Also, the difference between what a girl's text messages mean versus a guy's text messages literally had me laughing out loud. The main lesson behind it is to just text people what you really mean!


That Italian Greyhounds Are Weirdly Adorable

I used to think that greyhounds were so weird looking, but after seeing Kermit so much (Jenna's miniature greyhound) I fell in love with them! They are so oddly adorable and completely affectionate. In this video, Jenna video tapes the first time she sees and brings home Kermit when he was a puppy. It melts my heart every time I watch it! If you want more Kermit and Mr. Marbles (her chihuahua), it's not hard to find them all over most of her videos.


How to Create a Fake Drunk Name

This is not at all to condone drinking a lot, but sometimes we may have a few too many drinks and do some things that we wouldn't normally do when sober. As Jenna states in this video, whatever mistakes you may make when you're drinking are not the alcohol's fault...they're still yours. However, as a funny way of blaming "someone" else, just create a fake drunk name for yourself by swapping the first letter of your first and last name. Remember, drink responsibly!

The biggest thing Jenna Marbles taught me is that it's okay to act weird and stupid sometimes. A lot of girls are afraid to be funny on camera for fear of not looking pretty but I think Jenna is prettier being the funny, strange, and clumsy person she is! Are you a fan of Jenna Marbles? What is your favorite video of hers?

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I love her! She really does talk about some things we all need to know or wonder about.

Lol I saw the first video a while ago and didn't know she had more. Ohhj I love her!

She's amazing !!

I love her!!

I Love her!!!!!:) "When a guy starts dancing on you , you turn around & you give him one of these: *Traumatized face* Lol

Those video wish on caption in words that I could read and understand what they talk about. Cause I'm deaf. Can't understand what they said. :/

She is very funny and intelligent, awesome combination!

@Alexis Zazueta ..... I wish they did too .... I hate to think that you are missing out hun :(

She should win an Oscar she's awesome!

Gotta love her!

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