7 Life Lessons from Awkward ...


7 Life Lessons from Awkward ...
7 Life Lessons from Awkward ...

MTV has made many fans angry at their lack of music videos, instead playing normal TV shows. Up until they started Awkward., I was definitely one of those angry fans, now; I am absolutely obsessed with the show and can’t help but notice the many (many not so serious) life lessons it provides.

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You Get by with a Little Help from Your Friends…

This is certainly a major life lesson that lives rooted in the show. Main character Jenna relies almost entirely on her friends to help her through all of the crazy things she encounters in her life. Her parents aren’t exactly the most reliable, so her friends are the rock that keeps her sane, well, how sane they actually keep her is to be determined. The friendship between Jenna, Tamara, and Ming is so strong; it displays how important friendship is in life.


It Isn’t Necessary to Look like a Supermodel if You Want to Snag the Popular Guy

This is probably my personal favorite life lesson from Awkward. Jenna Hamilton is a pretty, but average, girl in high school, and she ended up being with two of the very popular guys at her school. This is just showing that you don’t need to be a fake, supermodel-like girl in order to be with a popular boy. It goes to show that a personality goes a long way. Girls! Let it be known that you are beautiful just the way you are!


High School is Rough

Clearly this life lesson is said with an exaggerated example. I don’t think anyone knows of a person who has been though as much as Jenna Hamilton’s character has. She is a representative to all girls in high school who are just trying to blend in and get through it. Don’t let anyone tell you that high school is easy, it really isn’t and this is the show to prove it. Again, Awkward is a highly exaggerated version of things, however, the concept is there.


Boys Will Never Get It…

Let’s face it ladies: the toughest life lesson we have to learn is that guys will just never understand. Unless you spell something out to them, they will more than likely miss any point you try to make. That is why we as strong women need to make sure the fellas know what we need, and no I don’t mean it in the mind in the gutter kind of way. For instance Jenna let Matty know that she wasn’t going to stick around while he decided what he wanted out of the relationship. Boom, perfect, she stuck her ground!


Blogging is Awesome…

In case you didn’t already know, blogging is pretty awesome. Jenna uses her blog as a way to vent away her day, as a writer myself I understand the comfort in letting all of your thought and feelings out, it helps you thing upon other things! As one of the more simple life lessons, I totally agree.


Sometimes Adults Don’t Have All the Answers…

If there is ever a life lesson we have to learn it is that the adults don’t have all the answers. When we’re younger the adults in our lives our like superheroes, but getting older it is easy to see that it’s not as perfect as it seems. Jenna’s parents are definitely not the best role models, but the important part of this lesson is that they love her unconditionally even if they can’t help her out.


Life Gets a Little Awkward. Sometimes…

Awkward. is basically a show to display how awkward life can really get. It is inevitable that things will get weird, but it is important to know that the will get better. It is a matter of perspective! Everyone has their awkward moments, but those make for the best stories!

Awkward. is a great display of the life of a teenager, there are many hidden life lessons that can be pulled from each episode. As you watch you grow along with Jenna Hamilton. Are there any lessons you got from watching Awkward.?

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the only reason Jenna snagged Matty is because she had sex with him from the beginning...

I totally agree with all of them and I love Awkward. too! Especially with number 2 and number 5! You don't need to be pretty to get a boy because the truth is that, once you are with someone because he likes your looks the next day he might notice you're stupid. And actually, if you want a long time relationship he will get to know your character, who you are: the REAL you. And about number 5, I totally agree! People think blogging is simply boring or they might comment "people prefer looking at stuff rather than reading". But it is not boring at all, well at least in my opinion. I love blogging and you get to know bloggers form around the world and maybe even what they blog about is your interest! Blogging is a good way to write what you feel, share experiences and get friendly! Thanls for the post! :)

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