7 Gossip Girl Moments You Can Learn from and Love ...


7 Gossip Girl Moments You Can Learn from and Love ...
7 Gossip Girl Moments You Can Learn from and Love ...

It’s no wonder Gossip Girl is one of the best loved series – Serena and Blair are amazing fashion icons, Chuck, Nate and Dan make perfect eye candy and the storylines are pretty amazing too. While the Gossip Girl series might now be coming to an end, there’s still plenty of enjoyment to have from the previous six seasons – and you can even learn something from these amazing Gossip Girl moments, too.

*spoilers ahead*

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The Last Episode

Leighton has just finished filming Blair’s last moments, and the media were desperate for a glimpse into what might happen next. So while Leighton was cutting off her trademark long locks to commemorate the end (she’s now gone for a wavy bob), I was hunting down the images. One shows Blair in a gorgeous floor-length dress, covered in dramatic detailing, and a chic up-do. It’s the look of fear on Blair’s face that’s got me worried though… Still, if there is one thing other than great style that Blair has taught us, it’s how to cope with those crushing moments. Cry, smile and move on. My new mantra!


The tension in the air was palpable as the director called "cut" for the final scene. Yet, there she stood, Leighton, the epitome of poise amidst the frenzy. Off-screen, cameras flashed, eager to capture her transformation—snip, snip—the curls tumbled, leaving behind a reinvented woman. Who was Blair Waldorf now? The queen of the Upper East Side seemed to vanish, leaving only hints of what-ifs and might-have-beens. Few characters shaped a generation like Blair—her resilience in chaos, her grace under pressure. Now, it's our turn to step into the unknown, heads held high, lessons learned.


Blair and Dan

Okay, so this one will divide the fans. Did you love Blair getting it together with the lovely Dan?! While no one can deny that Chuck and Blair make a great couple, Dan is so friendly and warm – and how gorgeous did they look sharing a kiss outside?! Blair’s stunning pink gown and tiara made her look every inch the princess, and Dan looked fit to be a prince in a navy pea-jacket and dark trousers. The two were a great reminder that sometimes you should look outside the obvious – the perfect man could be in front of you without you noticing. And if you get the chance to wear a dress like this, grab it with both hands!


When Blair and Dan explored their relationship, it was a breath of fresh air on the Upper East Side. Sure, the duo might not have had the same fire and intensity as Blair and Chuck, but what they lacked in drama, they made up for in genuine affection and understanding. They proved that opposites could indeed attract and have a meaningful connection. Plus, who could forget their adorable literary banters and shared love for the arts? This pairing was an unexpected but delightful twist, reminding viewers that sometimes the heart wants what it wants, even if it's not what you expected.


Blair’s Wedding

Gossip Girl’s 100th episode went with a real bang, making it one of the best Gossip Girl moments for many. Blair looked stunning in an iconic Vera Wang wedding dress, a gorgeous tiara and stunning tousled hair – but everything wasn’t as it seemed. Blair’s fairytale didn’t come true, and instead she ran away, believing that it would fix everything. Needless to say, it didn’t – but it’s a great episode to watch when you need to remind yourself to face things head on, and deal with them. Your problems will only make you stronger, in the end, and nothing was ever dealt with by ignoring it.


The drama unfolds with Blair Waldorf, the picture of sophistication and poise, confronting a heart-wrenching dilemma – love versus duty. Her decision to flee the ceremony, while a twist fans never saw coming, illustrates a crucial life lesson – no amount of perfect planning can prepare us for the chaos of real emotion. As you watch Blair in her most vulnerable moment, it's a striking reminder that true strength sometimes requires us to do the hardest thing: confront our fears and embrace our truths, no matter the complexities that ensue. This makes for a pivotal moment not just in the show, but for any viewer navigating the unpredictable aisles of their own life.


Own Your Look

Do you remember Jenny Humphrey back in the first series? She looked oh-so-innocent in a school uniform, and her natural hair and low-key style suited her perfectly. But it all changed rather quickly when Taylor upgraded her look – the star is rarely seen without her long peroxide-blonde locks, bright red lips, fishnets and short dresses now. Whether you love or hate her new femme fatale look, she totally owned it, and pulls it off perfectly. The only downside? We aren’t likely to see her again, after it was rumoured she got fired after series four. So while owning your look will ensure you pull it off, remain respectful and humble. It’ll serve you well in the long run!


Jenny’s transformation from the girl-next-door to edgy it-girl was a bold move that made waves both on and off the screen. Embrace the transformational power of fashion, but never forget that change should be for you and not to impress others. Change can be empowering, but always stay true to your core values. Remember, style is about expressing who you are. Whether you’re channeling Blair’s preppy chic or Serena's boho glam, the key is authenticity. Take inspiration from Jenny’s 180-degree turn, but find your own path to sartorial self-confidence.


Serena’s Confidence

Serena carries herself off with such supreme confidence at all times – and I loved her getting a job at the NY Spectator! While she might have dedicated a large amount of her time there to shutting down Gossip Girl, Serena really owned the job – confident, friendly and skilled. Have faith in your own skills! You’d never catch the Gossip Girl lot worrying about whether they are any good at something, so take lead from them, and give everything your best shot. You’ll do better than you think.


Serena van der Woodsen’s poise on the show is more than just a character trait; it's a lesson in self-assurance. There's something incredibly empowering about watching her navigate challenges with a nonchalant elegance. It's not just about believing in yourself when you're on top of the world; it’s maintaining that belief even when things get tough. With Serena as the blueprint, remember, the more confidence you show, the more you instill it in others — and the more opportunities you'll attract. Just like Serena at the NY Spectator, let your charisma lead the way to success!


Build Your Own Happiness

Going back to Blair's wedding, you have to remember something as you live your life: it's yours. In the end, you're the only one who can really make yourself happy. You create your own happiness through the choices you do or don't make. Don't let anyone tell you what will make you happy. After all, did Blair or Serena? Know your strengths and try to figure out your weaknesses, fight your battles, face your problems head on, and do what makes you happy even if it doesn't please everyone else.


Serena and Dan, Blair and Dan, Georgina and Dan, Blair and Chuck, Nate and Blair, Nate and Serena, Chuck and Everyone…

The Gossip Girl lot all know each other pretty intimately – most of them have shared a bed at some point or another, and all of them tend to run back to their exes when they need comfort. While I wouldn’t recommend sharing your exes with your friends, the crew do share an important lesson – forgiveness. If you really deal with things and move on, forgiving is much easier, and the relief has to be good for you. It’s not just relationships, either – Blair and Serena have had enough friendship issues to kill off even the strongest bonds, but they always make up and get through them. An admirable lesson – the pair are even great friends in real life!

The Gossip Girl finale is set to air on December 17th, and will be a two-hour special. Stock up on the tissues! There has been a whole load of theories about what happens, and who is involved – along with a strict no-revealing policy from the stars – so it’s set to be a big final episode. Let’s see if our favorite Upper East-siders get the send off they deserve…What is your favorite Gossip Girl moments so far? I’d love to know!

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You should tell that this has a lot of spoilers!!!! Omg, I haven't even finisheded it and now I know that Blair got married!!! ><

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