7 Gossip Girl Moments You Can Learn from (and Love!) ...


It’s no wonder Gossip Girl is one of the best loved series – Serena and Blair are amazing fashion icons, Chuck, Nate and Dan make perfect eye candy and the storylines are pretty amazing too. While the Gossip Girl series might now be coming to an end, there’s still plenty of enjoyment to have from the previous six seasons – and you can even learn something from these amazing Gossip Girl moments, too.

*spoilers ahead*

1. The Last Episode

Leighton has just finished filming Blair’s last moments, and the media were desperate for a glimpse into what might happen next. So while Leighton was cutting off her trademark long locks to commemorate the end (she’s now gone for a wavy bob), I was hunting down the images. One shows Blair in a gorgeous floor-length dress, covered in dramatic detailing, and a chic up-do. It’s the look of fear on Blair’s face that’s got me worried though… Still, if there is one thing other than great style that Blair has taught us, it’s how to cope with those crushing moments. Cry, smile and move on. My new mantra!

Blair and Dan
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