7 Times It's Okay to Be Brutally Honest ...


As much as the world sugarcoats things these days, you’ve gotta admit that there are definitely times it’s okay to be honest. I’m not saying we’re all liars with our pants destined to be ablaze, but there are times where it’s beneficial to be on the more compassionate side. Picking the right time to be honest depends on the situation and the people involved. Continue on reading for 7 times we can feel fine about being honest and direct with ourselves and others!

1. In a New Relationship

When you’re in a relationship with someone, there are lots of times it’s okay to be honest, namely when you’re first starting out. Hiding your goals, true feelings or anything that’s non-negotiable to you is a big no-no! Don’t hold back or delay expressing your true feelings with the hopes that he/she might change. Be honest from the giddy-up so neither of you feel deceived and you’re both aware of what the other wants!

In an Embarrassing Event
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