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7 Times It's Okay to Be Brutally Honest ...

By Lisa

As much as the world sugarcoats things these days, you’ve gotta admit that there are definitely times it’s okay to be honest. I’m not saying we’re all liars with our pants destined to be ablaze, but there are times where it’s beneficial to be on the more compassionate side. Picking the right time to be honest depends on the situation and the people involved. Continue on reading for 7 times we can feel fine about being honest and direct with ourselves and others!

1 In a New Relationship

When you’re in a relationship with someone, there are lots of times it’s okay to be honest, namely when you’re first starting out. Hiding your goals, true feelings or anything that’s non-negotiable to you is a big no-no! Don’t hold back or delay expressing your true feelings with the hopes that he/she might change. Be honest from the giddy-up so neither of you feel deceived and you’re both aware of what the other wants!

2 In an Embarrassing Event

As virtuous as being candid is, being honest isn’t always easy. Say for instance you come across someone with toilet paper stuck to their shoe or their zipper undone, don’t keep quiet or make it sound like it’s not that bad! I know, it’s almost as embarrassing for you to say something but imagine how you would feel if it were you?! If you see someone in need of help, tell them and save them more mortification!

3 In an Established Relationship

So earlier I mentioned the importance of being honest in a new relationship, but what about people who have been together for awhile? The same rule applies. If you’re unhappy, feel like you’ve drifted apart or whatever the situation, it’s best to be honest. Don’t stay in a relationship for the other person or hold back because you don’t want to be alone-that’s unfair to both of you! If something’s up and nothing’s changing, talk it out and be candid.

4 When Someone Asks for Your Opinion

Okay, this specific time it’s okay to be honest doesn’t apply to all requests for your opinion. I'm sure we all know there are times people ask us our view on things but only expect a very particular response. I’m referring to life-changing events like marrying someone or getting cosmetic surgery-both of which can change someone’s life. We often see things that might not be as obvious to others in emotional situations, so be sincere and prevent remorse over keeping your concerns quiet.

5 When You Want to Change

While there are plenty of times it's okay to be honest with others, there are plenty of times we need to be straight with ourselves also. If you want to make a change in your life, like quitting a bad habit or eating healthier, you've got to be honest about your current habits and the effects they have on your life. We're often our own biggest critics but it's hard to move forward if you don't have an accurate picture of what's going on now.

6 When You’re Concerned about Someone

If you have a friend or family member with behaviors that are concerning, this is most definitely a time it’s okay to be honest! Whether it’s cutting, an eating disorder or drug or alcohol addiction, don’t ignore it or sugarcoat it and hope things get better. Be direct about what concerns you have and try talking to them about it in a caring and non-judgmental way.

7 When You’re Obviously Upset

This time it’s okay to be honest might sound really general, but if you’re really put off by something, say so! Regardless of how big or small it might seem to others, if there is something in your life that makes you visibly upset, speak up. There are so many things in life that are out of our control, so why suffer through things we have control over?! Even if things don’t go exactly as you like, be proud that you stood up for yourself!

So this is just a few examples of certain times it’s okay to be honest but we all know there are many more. I’m sure you’ll agree that there are some instances in life where we’re better off being a little more considerate than bluntly being honest. How do you like to approach these situations? Do you think it’s better to be brutally honest at all times or do you prefer to put a sympathetic spin on things?

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