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10 Little Tips on How to Be Nice to People ...

By Lisa

Although it might seem really obvious, have you ever thought about how to be nice and what little things you can do to show others you care? There are lots of ways that we can show kindness to others because being nice to others doesn’t take much time or money! Check out these 10 little tips on how we can be nice to people we know and don’t know and help make our world just a little bit better!

1 Smile

If you want to know how to be nice, it all starts with a smile! Smiling can do so much and not just for you but also for the person receiving it! Be generous with your smiles because you might brighten someone’s day, encourage them to smile at others, and make them feel good too. We’re all super busy and stressed, but taking the time out to smile at someone can do wonders for all parties involved!

2 Listen

When thinking of ways to be nice, another super easy (well, sometimes it's easy) way to be nice is to listen to others. Start doing this with co-workers, friends and family, and really listen to what they have to say. Many times we get so caught up with our lives that we have a tendency to sort of tune out other people, even if we don’t mean to. Start listening to others and you’ll probably end up learning so much about the other people in your life!

3 Give Blood

Donating your blood is one of the most beneficial ways to be nice to other people! Giving blood can save or improve the lives of others. There are many times where blood transfusions are necessary and your donation can make a difference! Another benefit to donating blood is that your blood will go through a quick check, so you’ll know how your iron and hemoglobin levels are. Donating blood doesn’t take very long and you get a sweet treat at the end!

4 Be Friendly

Be friendly as a way of being nice to others! If you’re ever at an event or gathering where many of the people there know one another and you see someone alone, talk to them. Chat ‘em up and introduce them to people you know so they won’t feel like an outsider. You might make a new friend or introduce this person to some important new connections!

5 Compliment Someone

Paying someone a genuine compliment is an awesome way to make someone feel good! This is a good way to break the ice with a stranger or lift someone’s spirits. The one thing to remember about this random act of niceness is to genuinely mean it. I mean, who wants to hear a fake compliment?! Complimenting someone shows that you truly like their taste in something and, if you really want it, you can find out how to get your own!

6 Let Others Go in Front of You

Whenever you find yourself in a long line or on the road, when you can let someone else go ahead of you or merge into your lane, it’s an easy way to be nice to others! You might be helping someone who’s late to pick up their kids or on their way to an appointment, so you could be doing someone a great favor. Hopefully someone else will return the favor to you when you’re in a rush!

7 Write a Letter

Nowadays when we need to communicate with people, we tend to text, email, or write on Facebook walls to express our feelings. Instead, why not make someone feel good by writing them a letter? We rarely write or send letters anymore, so receiving a hand-written note from someone is a big deal! You can write a letter to someone who has helped you in the past, someone you want to thank or do it just because and really make someone’s day!

8 Be a Designated Driver

While we’re learning new ways on how to be nice to others, let’s not forget to show our friends and family some love too! Volunteering to be a designated driver will not just make you the most popular friend among your pals, since they can get their drink on, but you’re also helping to keep friends and people on the road safe!

9 Be on Time

Being on time might not seem like a way to be nice, but being perpetually late is rude! We all run late on occasion because life happens, but if you’re always keeping people waiting, make it a point to start being on time as a way to be nice to others. If you’re always running late, it can appear that you don’t value the time of others. Start setting your clocks early and do what you have to do to start getting places on time!

10 Spare Change

A really discreet yet great way to be nice to strangers is to grab a quarter or two and pop it in their parking meter if it’s close to expiring. Parking tickets are annoying and costly, so both of you will feel great knowing someone saved anywhere from $20-$50 in fees, all for giving up some of your spare change!

So as you can see, learning different ways about how to be nice to people isn’t that hard at all! Try out some of these ways to be kind to others and watch how it changes the way you see things! Being nice can be contagious, so be kind to people often without expecting anything in return. The simple act of being kind can help boost your confidence, make you more optimistic and relieves stress! How do you like to show kindness to others?

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