7 Fun Ways to Celebrate Christmas with Your Friends ...

By Teresa

7 Fun Ways to Celebrate Christmas with Your Friends ...

Whether you’re in high school, college, or beyond, you’re probably desperate to find some fun ways to celebrate Christmas with your friends. For some reason, it’s tough to come up with original party ideas every year, but that won’t be a problem anymore, thanks to this list. Whether you want to get together with your girlfriends for a movie night or simply want to throw a swanky holiday party, these fun ways to celebrate Christmas with your friends are sure to entertain everyone!

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1 Christmas Movie Marathon

Invite all of your friends over and tell them to bring their favorite Christmas movies. Take turns voting on every movie until you come up with a few that everyone really wants to watch. Who doesn’t love a movie night, especially when you’re watching Christmas movies? This is definitely one of the easiest ways to celebrate Christmas with your friends if you’re looking for something more laid-back!

2 Christmas Cookie Party

I used to decorate cookies with my friend every winter break, and it was always one of the highlights of our break. We’d make cookies from store-bought dough to save a little bit of time, and then we’d spend the night decorating cookies. Sure, some were serious, but most of the cookies turned into inside jokes and other failed attempts at decorating. Regardless, the memories from decorating were some of our favorites from high school!

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3 Gingerbread House Competition

It’s pretty easy to find cheap pre-made gingerbread houses at the grocery store around the holidays, so if you’re looking for an easy way to celebrate Christmas with your friends, a gingerbread competition is the best way to do it! Spend the night decorating your gingerbread houses, and then post them to Facebook or Twitter and let people vote on their favorite houses!

4 Secret Santa with a Twist

You could just do Secret Santa with your best friends or, if you and your friends are huge fans of The Office, you could play Secret Santa with a twist, like they do in season two. Play Secret Santa by picking out specific gifts for your friend, and then turn it into White Elephant, trading gifts that weren’t originally picked out for you until you’re all happy!

5 Find a Nearby Festival

It seems like Christmas festivals are aplenty during the holidays. If you have trouble finding one in your area, a few Google searches will fix that. You’d be surprised at how many Christmas festivals are going on in your area. There are probably tree lightings, and Christmas-themed farmer’s markets and everything in between to keep you entertained with your friends this Christmas season.

6 Take a Road Trip

Living in Michigan, it’s almost a requirement to take a road trip to Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland during the holidays, something that a lot of people tend to do with their friends. If you’re not in the Michigan area, there are still so many Christmas stores and extravaganzas just as big as Bronner’s all over the country!

7 Host a Christmas Party

Whether you’re in high school, college, or beyond, getting your friends together over the holidays after you haven’t seen each other in a while is one of the greatest ways to celebrate the holidays. Whether you choose to dress up with your friends or have a quiet night with your best friends, celebrating the holidays with them will be one of your favorite holiday memories.

Do you have plans with your friends over the Christmas holiday? Will you host any of these events? Let me know your ideas and plans in the comments!

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