7 Winter Party Ideas ...


7 Winter Party Ideas ...
7 Winter Party Ideas ...

We all know that summertime is usually the best season to throw parties. Everyone gets to go outside, there's tons of activities to do together, and BBQing is an easy way to feed tons of people fast! But what about if you are trying to through a party in the cold winter months? I've decided to show you all 7 winter party ideas to help you find activities, themes, and food to help you embrace event planning in the chilly months!

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Penguin Theme

Penguin Theme When you think of the snow, what animal comes to mind first? Penguins of course! This has got to be one of the cutest party themes ever. Make or buy penguin design cookies or cupcakes, set up a few stuffed penguins around the house, and have a bowl of swedish fish out for people to munch on. Have a bowl of blue punch out too with a sign in front of it that says "ocean water" with some Swedish fish thrown on top. The possibilities are endless and it's all up to your imagination.


Milk Men

Milk Men If you're having a winter party that involves children, milk men are the perfect treat! I mean, how unbelievable adorable are these? All you need to make them is small milk glasses, powdered donut holes, straws, and milk! You can be creative with decorating the snowman faces, but the picture was made with chocolate jimmies for the eyes and candy coated sunflower seeds for the nose. The scarves are simply cut from felt and wrapped around.


Warm up Party

Warm up Party This is a great party idea to defrost and warm up all your guests from that winter chill. Everything they can eat or drink is going to be warm or hot. You can get a big to-go container filled with hot chocolate for your guests to pour for themselves, and then put marshmallows out for them to sprinkle on top. Make or buy cauldrons of different soups and chili for your guests to choose from. Anything warm is welcome at this party! Warm biscuits, warm cake, warm and gooey grilled cheese, and anything spicy!


Make Gingerbread Houses

Make Gingerbread Houses Making your own gingerbread house is a fun activity for both adults and children alike! Take it a step further and have an entire gingerbread themed party! Have out tons of candy and gingerbread cookies. Then in the midst of the party, set up a table with bowls of candy, icing, and gingerbread house pieces and let everyone make their own together! It is a great way to have a few laughs and possibly get a few cavities.


Winter Wonderland Party

Winter Wonderland Party Simple enough, the theme of this party is to have everything be white or a light blue. You can even ask your guests to wear white to add to it. Put out fake snow cotton all over your tables and shelves, have only white food available such as marshmallows, powdered donuts, and white hot chocolate. Hang decorative snowflakes from the ceiling and place snowmen throughout your house. It's the beauty of standing in a winter wonderland, without feeling like you're freezing!


Hot Cocoa Party Favors

Hot Cocoa Party Favors Hot cocoa is such a easy and cheap party favor that your guests will love! Especially if you get a little creative with them and shape them into snowmen! This snowman was made with two baby food jars and a little bit of paint. Fill one jar with cocoa mix and one with marshmallows! Then tie a cute little fabric scarf around them, paint the top jars cap black, and wah-la! You have an adorable yet practical winter party favor!


Still a Kid Party

Still a Kid Party The holidays tend to make even the most mature of adults into kids again. So have a party that celebrates that! Tell your adult guests that everyone needs to buy a toy that they believe their past kid self would've loved. Then when they get to the party, all of the toys are thrown into a grab bag where everyone will blindly choose a gift. You can also play this as a "white elephant" gift exchange for even more laughs. The food and drinks should only be that which a child would like. Hot cocoa, fruit punch, macaroni & cheese, cookies, etc. It will leave your guests with plenty of laughter and some great warm and fuzzy nostalgia.

Just because you are stuck throwing a party inside, doesn't mean you need to limit yourself. Also you get the added plus of not having to worry about your event being rained out! I personally love winter events because they make you feel warm and fuzzy all over and remind you the importance of family and friends. Have you ever attended or thrown a winter party of your own?

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