10 Things to Put on Your Bucket List ...


10 Things to Put on Your Bucket List ...
10 Things to Put on Your Bucket List ...

There are all kinds of things to put on a bucket list, such as the things you most want to accomplish or do during your life. Everyone’s list is different, but there are some things that everyone should strive to do at least once. You should always do the most important thing on your bucket list, but there are other items you should add to it as well. Here are some things, in my opinion, everyone should add to theirs. So get those pens and those passports ready to cross some awesome bucket list activities off your list.

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Have a Pet

No one is quite as loving as a pet is. They greet you at the door, snuggle with you at night, and are always there to listen (even if they don’t know what you are saying). Fortunately I can check having a puppy off my bucket list, but for those who have yet to experience the joy in having a pet, it's definitely one of the best things to add to your bucket list. It is the little joy of having a pet around you every day that makes it so important for “having a pet” to be on your list.


Go Sky Diving

Where else you can you get the adrenaline rush of jumping out of plane? Even if you are afraid of heights, skydiving is one of those things you HAVE to try at least once…just to say you’ve done it. And if skydiving seems a bit too extreme, bungee jumping is also something you can put on your bucket list. But something adrenaline filled is a must for any complete bucket list.


Kiss under the Eiffel Tower

Paris is the “City of Love,” so why not combine the love of Paris with the love of that special someone? The Eiffel Tower is the embodiment of all things Parisian, and not to mention, the perfect backdrop to a perfect kiss with your perfect love. No wonder it's the perfect bucket list activity, too.


Own a Fantastic Ball Gown

Every girl deserves to feel like a princess, so owning a fantastic ball gown should be on every girl’s bucket list. Regardless of your style, you can find a ball gown that is perfectly suited to your taste. And a perfect ball gown means having a perfect place to show it off and feel as fabulous as you look.


Learn to Scuba Dive

Sebastian from The Little Mermaid had it right when he said, “everything is better down where it’s wetter.” There is an entire magical world under the ocean and sometimes the only way to get to experience that magic is by scuba diving. It allows you to go to incredible depths under the sea and see things you never thought possible. If you're for some reason afraid to make this one of the things to put on a bucket list, at least try snorkeling.


Learn a New Language

Language allows us to communicate with others. By learning a new language, you are opening a door to communicating with a whole new population. "Learning a new language” is a great thing to put on a bucket list. It shows are you committed to meeting new people and improving yourself with a new language and culture.


Walk the Great Wall of China

First of all, having this on your bucket list means that you get to go to China to begin with, which is awesome. But walking the Great Wall of China is something not everyone gets to do and it's an incredible experience. It has such rich history and culture behind it and it's so big it can even be seen from space!


Visit Machu Picchu

Tucked away in the hills of Peru, this Incan resort is absolutely breathtaking. It is believed to have been a vacation resort for the wealthy Incan people, so why not resort there yourself? That is, if resorting means climbing mountains, hiking though stone temples, and taking in the culture of the lost Incan people.


Spend Your Life with the Person of Your Dreams

Whether it is a man or woman, everyone should be able to spend their life with someone they love. Regardless of if you believe in marriage or not, spending your life with someone you love means you are letting yourself be happy with them. This should be more than thrown on your bucket list; it should be at the top of your list.


Live a Happy Life

This one should be obvious but having a happy life should be number one on your bucket list activities. Regardless of if you can cross off everything else on your list, if you have lived a happy life, you have lived a successful life.

Everyone has different things to put on a bucket list; everyone has a different sense of adventure. However, these are fantastic bucket list activities because they embrace adventure, all across the spectrum. Will you add these things to your bucket list? What kind of things do you already have on your bucket list? Let me know if you've done any of these things yet!

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