10 Things That Should Be on Your Spring Bucket List ...


10 Things That Should Be on Your Spring Bucket List ...
10 Things That Should Be on Your Spring Bucket List ...

It’s that time of year again; when the birds are beginning to chirp, you’re suffering from spring fever and trying to decide what to put on your spring bucket list. But don't worry, ladies, because I've already made that list for you! These ten items should be on your spring bucket list no matter what because they will help you experience the true essence of the season!

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Embrace the Rain

You’ve probably heard the saying that “spring showers bring May flowers,” so of course how could I not put some rain related activity on this spring bucket list? Whether it be dancing in the rain, kissing in the rain or just stomping through puddles, do something rain related! It rains most of the season so go outside and make something out of it!


Fly a Kite

I haven’t flown a kite since I was a little girl, but who says I can’t now that I’m older? Whether you buy a kite or make it yourself, take it to the skies! It’s actually quite relaxing and fun!


Have a Picnic

I love picnics. They’re so romantic, especially if you have one with your partner. Since the snow is just melting and the temperatures are beginning to warm up there aren’t as many bugs around just yet, so you’ll have a better eating experience! Plus, the flowers will be beginning to bud, so you’ll have picturesque scenery too!


Take a Walk or Bike Ride

Spring is known for the beautiful scenery since nature is just waking up after a long sleep. So why not get some exercise and breathe in the nice fresh air? It’ll rejuvenate your soul and put you a better mood!


Plant Flowers

Since the ground isn’t frozen anymore and the temperatures are warming up, it’s the perfect time for planting flowers. There’s such a variety to pick from. I recommend picking colorful ones that’ll brighten up your outdoor space!


Pick Fresh Berries

I love picking fresh strawberries and raspberries! It’s so much fun! Make it a date or go out with friends! It seems that the berries always taste sweeter when you pick them yourself!


Pick Flowers

If you’re not a big gardener, instead of planting flowers, pick them! You can make them into a bouquet and keep them in vases! This will take the essence of spring and bring it inside your home!


Sun Bathe

In my opinion, spring is the best time to sun bathe! It’s not too hot and there are not too many bugs out either! If you find one of those rare sunny days in spring, go ahead and bask in the sun. It’ll improve your mood and relax you!


Blow Dandelions or Bubbles

Are you a child at heart? If so, go ahead and grab some bubbles. Blowing bubbles outside takes you back to your playful childhood years. If you’re not a big fan of bubbles, opt for those puffy dandelions instead! You can either do this activity with friends or by yourself!


Visit Your Local Park

A must have item on your spring bucket list is to head on over to your local park. Bring a good book to read and just relax. Take in the fresh air and environment.

The key to getting the most out of spring time is to appreciate the season. Do a variety of activities outside and just have fun. Spring is a playful season and it pretty much provokes you to be playful too! Spring is my favorite season. That being said, how do you celebrate spring? What types of things do you have on your spring bucket list?

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These are much more like summer activities if you ask me. Where I love anyway, Newfoundland doesn't have a nice spring, more like 5-10 degrees till mid June..

Can't wait to do all these with my little man :) year and a half old and he'll love them all!!!

Anything outside!!!!!

Cant wait to do all if these! :)

Can't wait to do most of these!! I live in a remote place so some of these aren't possible. Could you please make one for winter? I'm still in the middle of a Winter storm warning

It's kind of hard when it's still 30 degrees outside!

I love dancing in the rain and my boyfriend first kissed me in the rain!<3 1=check!:) i cant wait for summer!:D

@Dana yes it is enough already!!!!! :)

@Cara my man was the first kiss I've ever had in the rain! Great feeling huh....love how the rain is a reminder of those days..whenever it rains its not only a trip down memory lane...but it's also kinda like our own little date :)

Lol if you live in Canada I think this list will have to wait a few weeks..

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