10 Things That Should Be on Your Summer Bucket List ...


10 Things That Should Be on Your Summer Bucket List ...
10 Things That Should Be on Your Summer Bucket List ...

I've always wanted to make my summer break worthwhile, so I've compiled some things that I feel are essential to a perfect summer bucket list. For most people, summer is the only vacation we have. School and work can become so stressful and everyone needs to relax sometime. So, take a few moments to read through this summer bucket list and start your summer on the right foot!

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Spend a Day at the Beach or Lake

Spend a Day at the Beach or Lake This should be on everyone's summer bucket list! Grab some friends and head to your nearest body of water. Sunbathe, swim, surf, play beach ball, whatever. Just go out and enjoy the sun and the warm weather -- you deserve it! Psst...don't forget the sunscreen!


Sleep (a Lot!)

Sleep (a Lot!) I lose so much sleep during the semester. With all those late nights and all nighters, my sleep is usually cut short. I usually don't even realize it until I have a day off and can actually sleep. So, I take the summer as my chance to sleep as much as I can.


Get a Massage

Get a Massage Another way to relax after a stressful work day or semester will be to get a massage. Whether you go o the spa or have your partner give you a nice rub down, take some free time to just mellow out. The semester is over, so you can finally breathe easy!


Go on a Picnic

Go on a Picnic How can you not have a picnic in the summertime? Pack some finger foods, grab some friends and spend some time at your local park.


Go to an Amusement Park or Carnival

Go to an Amusement Park or Carnival Ride some roller coasters and just have a thrill! Enjoy yourself! I must admit that I'm not a big fan of amusement parks, but I definitely love carnivals! I especially love the food and the games! I'm a sucker for skee ball!


Go River Rafting/ Jet Skiing

Go River Rafting/ Jet Skiing Do some water activities! Whether it be swimming, river rafting, jet skiing, sailing, you name it. Just get out in the water and enjoy the hot weather!


Go to a Concert

Go to a Concert There are many music festivals that occur during the summer months. Find one and purchase tickets. Or, if your favorite band or artist is playing in your area, go see them!


Explore a New Place

Explore a New Place Go sight seeing! Visit a city or town and check out all the little stores and restaurants around! Don't forget to take lots of pictures! Plus, don't just spend a few hours there, spend the whole day. Or perhaps even a weekend!


Try Something New

Try Something New Pick up a new hobby or do something adventurous, like sky diving! Or try something less crazy, like learning how to write in calligraphy, beginning a scrapbook or learning how to make jewelry!


Have a Water Balloon Fight

Have a Water Balloon Fight This one I can't wait to do this summer! Grab a whole bunch of friends, fill up a ton of water balloons and fight it out! It's fun and helps you cool off in the crazy hot weather!

So, ladies, do any of these ideas pique your interest? I'm definitely scheduling all these items into my three months of summer vacation. Which ones were your favorites? Do you plan on doing any of these activities this summer or do you have something else planned? Do share!

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Woot woot! Completed 6/10... Have a long way to go. But hey, summer is still here and going strong!

Love these great ideas.. I started a summer bucket list with my daughter, but I think we need to add the water balloon fight to it.. Live it.

Thank goodness for this article!!!! Lately I've been trying to put together a big summer bucket list, and I've been looking everywhere for ideas

Fun fun!!

These sound great, I think I have a little bit different of a summer personality. Today I spent the whole day playing animal crossing and listening to Soundgarden and eating munchies instead of meals and it was the best day ever!

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