7 Spa Treatments to Enjoy through the Summer ...


7 Spa Treatments to Enjoy through the Summer ...
7 Spa Treatments to Enjoy through the Summer ...

Summer is incomplete without spoiling yourself with spa treatments. Here are guest contributor Nancy's picks for summer treatments to treat yourself to!

When the heat and chaos of summer rolls around you might think you don’t have time to hit the spa, but this is actually the time you need it most. All that going and adventuring can put a toll on your skin and muscles and make old problems flare up or become worse. Here are seven spa treatments you can enjoy in the summer to help cool you down, keep you relaxed, and make sure your body is getting the pampering it deserves

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Rehydration Soak

Give your toasted skin the moisture it so desperately wants by taking a long soak in skin hydrating coconut milk. A milk bath is a great way to get skin moisturized and smooth feeling. Coconut milk is full of vitamins and has a great summer time scent.


Bikini Wax

Get your body in shape for those skimpy swimsuits. Personal grooming is easy and relaxing at a spa and a great way to keep looking your best.


Hydrating Facial

The skin on your face is very delicate and can easily be damaged by too much sun exposure. Give your face the pampering it needs with hydrating natural moisturizers like cucumber and mango.


Sea Salt Scrub

Give dry and calloused hands and feet new life with a sea salt scrub. Remove dead skin and rough spots for beautiful feet you are proud to show off in strappy sandals.



Speaking of feet, those winter boots hid a lot but now your feet are coming to light. Make the most of sandal season by getting a spa pedicure. Fresh nail polish and trimmed toenails are sure to let you put your best foot forward.


Floral Massage

Let the floral scents soothe you as your experience a warm oil massage. Relax tense muscles and float away on the serene scents of jasmine, lavender and honeysuckle. For added summer flair, hit the beach and have an outdoor massage in fragrant sea air.


Seaweed Wrap

Become one with the sea with a detoxifying seaweed wrap. The natural antioxidants and vitamins in seaweed help to smooth your cracking, brunt or dry skin and give your body an allover healthy glow that is perfect for the beach.

These are just a few of the wonderful spa treatments you can get for your perfect summer body. It doesn’t matter if you spend your days sunning by the pool or running kids around to activities you deserve to have healthy, glowing skin and be proud of your body. Remember to wear your sunscreen and enjoy the long, happy days of summer while they last.

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Love them all!!!! Haven't try the wrap tho but now it's on my list! Thanks for sharing!

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