7 Cool Things to do before Summer is over ...


7 Cool Things to do before Summer is over ...
7 Cool Things to do before Summer is over ...

As August quickly comes to an end, you may be looking into some things to do before summer is over for the year. Sure, you’ve lounged around, enjoyed the beach, and maybe even hit an amusement park or two. But what else have you taken for granted during these warm months known as summer? Check out the list below to see some of the things to do before summer is over, and pick out activities you can try before the beautiful weather is gone and chilly autumn comes into full swing.

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Wear Bright Nail Polish

Finger, Nail, Hand, Manicure, Nail care, One of the simple things to do before summer is over is to wear the brightest, boldest nail polish you can find. Sure, nail polish colors don’t necessarily fall in and out of season, but a bright lime green may not exactly fit your mood in October. So before the warm weather leaves you for the year, dig into your nail polish stash and wear your favorite hot pinks, greens, and yellows. Take it from the gal with sky blue on her nails right now – you’ll feel great wearing the bright colors with your sandals and sundresses.


Take Advantage of in-Season Food

Natural foods, Fruit, Local food, Plant, Food, Summer is the best time for great fruits to make their appearance in grocery stores for a good price. My personal favorite, strawberries, are always decently priced at locations like Wal-Mart, and are perfection. You won’t be able to taste strawberries that great if you live in a cold-weather state during December, so enjoy these delicious in-season foods while you can. Fresh seafood is also another big “in-season” food to take advantage of. Grab some fresh crabs and shrimp and throw a seafood dinner party to commemorate summer 2013.


Visit a Farmer’s Market

Snapshot, Supermarket, Grocery store, Outerwear, Temple, When the leaves change colors and begin to fall, apple orchards and pumpkin patches replace the beloved farmer’s markets that ruled the summer. Before you’re forced to throw on your leather jacket and shimmy into your rain boots, take a trip to your local farmer’s market and partake in good deals on fruits, vegetables, and other specialty treats. Not only are farmer’s markets great for nabbing inexpensive goods, but they are often home to organic food as well, if you’re into that kind of thing. If you haven’t already, check out your local farmer’s market and get to shopping before it’s too late!


Tend to or Start a Garden

Botany, Spring, Grass, Plant, Fashion, Gardening is one of my favorite things about the summer. Although putting sweat and tears into your yard now may seem silly with the weather changing, you can always plant flowers that will sprout back up next year with a little sunlight, water, and TLC. If you don’t have a yard, try potting some flowers on your balcony or on your porch. If you don’t have one of those, add some greenery to your home. The flowers at every location are both inexpensive and varying in selection this time of year, so take advantage while you can. Finding beautiful flowers for a good price in the winter is a task that you don’t want to undertake.


Shop for NEXT Summer

Red, Coca-cola, Eyewear, Cola, Cool, It’s a well-known fact that around this time, Fall clothing hits the shelves and our attention is turned away from shorts and tanks, and instead towards jeans and sweaters. Instead of exclusively focusing on gear for the changing weather, check out the deals on your favorite maxi dresses, sandals, and shorts, as there are sure to be more than a few. Prices for summer apparel are always at a low now and during the middle of winter. With that being said, head to your favorite store and check out some of the deals before all the summer wear is gone until next year.


Relax outside

Leisure, Fun, Recreation, If you haven’t taken the time to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air and warm sun, now is the time to do so. In many states, the weather has cooled to a comfortable temperature, making it the perfect time to have a cup of coffee, read, eat, or just sit outdoors and enjoy it. Take a run to your nearest park, go for a swim, or meditate in the grass. After all, enjoying the outdoors may be difficult when there’s snow on the ground.


Prepare Yourself for the New Seasons

Hair, Arm, Shoulder, Long hair, Sky, Alright, I admit this may not be one of the coolest things to do before summer is over. But everything can’t be fun in real life, now can it? Now that Autumn is fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to get yourself into the swing of the new season. Whether you’re preparing yourself for a new school year, your children for the school year, a change in clothing for work, or a new sleep schedule, there’s no better time than now to get yourself prepared. Even if you’re preparing yourself for something simple like a change in meals (with your favorite food no longer fresh and in season) or television lineups, it can never hurt to start changing your schedule now in preparation for later.

Now that summer is coming to a close, it’s a good idea to start thinking about your plans and goals for the months leading up to the new year. Before the weather breaks down into something not-so-enjoyable, take advantage of the amenities that only the summer can offer. What are some things you like to do at the end of the summer? What are some goals you hope to accomplish for the new seasons? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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Well am bit nervous about my final year in the university but I have good plans for this upcoming academic year :) thanks

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