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Not all of us live by the beach, so why not be creative and find fun ways to beat the heat? By the end of the day, I get so tired and lazy just because of the heat and BRIGHT sunshine I have no energy to have fun and enjoy summer! But just because Mother Nature decides to make it so hot out doesn’t mean we have to stay inside and miss out on all of what summer has in store for us. Try a few of these simple ways to beat the heat.

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H2O is Your New Best Friend!

Thank goodness we have such a huge supply of water! Staying hydrated is a must during summer, especially because the heat can take away the moisture from your skin and completely suck up all your energy. Being best friends with water is just one of the ways to beat the heat.


Eating Cool Foods

I always try to avoid eating foods that will leave me feeling uncomfortable and hot during summertime. These foods include spicy food, junk food, and oily foods. Try snacking on foods like cucumbers, salads, or any fresh vegetables, straight from the fridge or freezer.


Cold Showers Are the Way to Go!

No matter how tempting hot showers are, they don’t do any good on summer days. You don’t have to take ice cold showers, but maybe a little cold and hot mixed together will make you feel cooler. If you have extra time on your hands, take a bath with cool water, and let your body soak up the cool water so you leave the bath feeling refreshed.


Where Are Those Hair Ties?

Summer is the perfect season to rock different braids and buns! I usually put my hair a braid; whether it be a fishtail or French, it stills helps me stay cool and fresh. During these hot days , the last thing you want is to have your hair soaked in sweat wrapped around your neck and face! There are also many ways to make your hair look cute with accessories, so get creative, get your hair up, and get cool!


Bright/Light Colors

Wearing bright or light colors helps reflect sunlight off you, unlike dark colors which absorb the heat and make you sweat like crazy! Also, bright colors suit the summer theme and they are trending, so go crazy with those bright colors ladies!


Closed Blinds and Open Windows

For those summer days when you spend time at home, try to leave all your blinds closed so the sun will not be able to get through, making your house an oven. During the night, leave your windows open. Summer nights usually are the perfect kind of cool.


Cooking Outdoors

Are you thinking what I am thinking? Barbecue time! Yes summer is the perfect time to barbecue. Not only is this a fun way of getting together with family and friends, it helps avoid the heat from cooking indoors. Even if you do not own a barbecue grill, you could always use a gas oven and take it outside using an extension cord. Worst comes to worst, if you do have to cook inside try not to use the oven or stove for a long period of time.


Pool Party!

Pool. Party. Two words that perfectly describe what summer is all about! You could spend hours at the pool either being in it or just relaxing on the side. You do not really have to have a pool party; you could always just get together with family or friends at the beach. So go wild and have a great time by the water. I guarantee you, you'll have so much fun in the water you'll forget all about the summer heat!

Summer can be pretty hot but there are so many ways to have so much fun and get away from the heat. The tips above will help you get away from being exposed to too much heat. So how are you going to be beat the heat, chicas? Let me know!

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Wow. You'd never think to drink water and eat cold foods. Revolutionary.

The is a good one i really needed this

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