7 Ideas for Picnics ...


7 Ideas for Picnics ...
7 Ideas for Picnics ...

One of my very favorite things to do when the weather warms up is have a picnic, which is why I am sharing these fabulous ideas for picnics with you. Whether it’s with my son, with my husband or with my husband and my son, I love using these ideas to create either a playful or romantic picnic setting. Oh, and some of the ideas just make any picnic more enjoyable. Kid and husband tested, Bridget approved: here are some of my favorite ideas for picnics.

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Waterproof Blanket

Of all the ideas for picnics, one of the most essential, in my opinion, is a waterproof blanket. There is nothing worse than laying a blanket out on the dewy ground and being stuck with it. I will never go on a picnic without a waterproof blanket.


Plastic Tray

Another item that is essential to a successful picnic is a plastic tray. Have you ever tried going on a picnic and setting your food and drinks down on uneven ground? I have, and they always topple over. That’s why I bring a plastic tray to set out all of our goodies on. The tray creates a stable base so that your food and drinks won’t tip over.



I especially make sure that I take pillows along when my husband and I want to have a romantic picnic. We lay down on the pillows and stare up at the sky for hours. Totally blissful. When my son gets a little older, he’ll appreciate the pillows more, but for now, he still likes to run all over the place. Oh, and we like to take along weatherproof pillows, which you can find in the outdoor furnishings section of a home supply store.



Who doesn’t love bubbles? I know that my son sure does! We always make sure to bring along bubbles with us on our picnics. He loves to run around chasing them and I love to hear his little squeels of delight. Bubbles always provide hours of fun.



There is nothing more romantic than a picnic at sunset. On the chances that we get to do this, my husband and I pack up our stuff and head to our favorite picnic spot. One thing that we always make sure to bring is the candles. They add the perfect amount of ambiance. We like to bring along jar candles because they keep the flame contained and they have a level bottom.


Sidewalk Chalk

My son loves sidewalk chalk just as much as he loves bubbles, and it’s a small and easy-to-pack item that really keeps him entertained. Of course, if you are going to bring this, you have to make sure that you are having a picnic in an area that is close to concrete.


Bug Spray

This one isn’t really a fun idea, but it helps you avoid not having fun. Being outside is wonderful, but there's nothing more annoying than pesky bugs. We always spray ourselves down before we go, and we make sure we bring some extra.

Now that the weather is warming up, I am sure that you are starting to think of all of the fun outdoor activities that you can do. A picnic is one activity that is sure to please any age group. Which of these picnic activities are you going to try? Do you have any others to share?

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