7 Summer Party Activity Ideas That You Will Love ...

Summer is a fantastic season for a party; make your fiesta extra fun with some super summer party activity ideas. Whether you’re having a birthday party for a child or you’re having a party for your adult friends, activities will enliven the bash and make it a super memorable one. Need some summer party activity ideas? Here are a few that all ages can enjoy.

1. Water Gun Fight

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That’s right: a good old fashioned water gun fight is one of the simplest – and most enjoyable – summer party activity ideas. Make it competitive and divide your party into two or three teams. The team who is the least wet after a certain period of time wins. Or, just let it be a no-hold’s barred battle and let your party goers loose with their loaded "weapons."

2. Soaked Sponge Strut

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Keep those party guests entertained with this creative – and cooling – summer party activity. Place super sized sponges in buckets of water on one side of your yard. On the other side, set out empty buckets. Divide your party into two or three teams. On your mark, one party member from each team has to place a soaked sponge between their knees, walk their way over to the empty buckets and place their sponges in. The team to complete the task first wins.

3. Scavenger Hunt

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Scavenger hunts are fun for all ages and will certainly add some fun to your summertime soiree. Hide items and create a list of clues for your party goers to find the hidden items. Whoever finds the most items or completes the hunt first will be dubbed the winner of the event.

4. Create Summer Gear

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Looking for something other than a game to enjoy at your summer party? How about some summer-themed crafts? Offer your guests some plain beach totes, t-shirts, flip flops and sunglasses, as well as some items to decorate these accessories with. Your guests can decorate their gear however they wish and use their creations for the rest of the summer.

5. Freeze Tag

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Remember this game from when you were a kid? Well, kids still love this game today! One person is chosen to be it and that person has to try to catch as many people as he can. Each person he catches has to "freeze"; however, those who are "frozen" can be "thawed" by the touch of another player. Whoever makes it to a predetermined base first wins the game. Having an adult party? Freeze tag is fun for all ages.

6. Back-to-Back Water Balloons

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Yep, this game is played just like it sounds. Position two people back-to-back and place a water balloon between their backs. The duo has to try to walk to a pre-determined location without popping their balloon. If they pop it, they’ll be sure to get a cooling sensation.

7. The Limbo

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Stretch those muscles with a good, old fashioned limbo. Have two guests hold a long dowel or a yard stick, starting at an easy-to-pass level. Play some lively music and encourage players to pass under the stick. As the group passes under, the stick is lowered. Whoever lasts the longest and passes under at the lowest height is crowned the limbo king or queen!

Summer is my favorite season for throwing a party – and I don’t even need a specific reason. I love throwing parties just because! Are you throwing a party this summer? Which of these ideas do you think will appeal to your guests?

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