7 Must-have Board Games to Make Game Night a Hit ...


7 Must-have Board Games to Make Game Night a Hit ...
7 Must-have Board Games to Make Game Night a Hit ...

If you need ideas on how to spend your free time, these must-have board games will keep you entertained. They’re a great way to spend time with a large or small group of friends. Some are aimed to make you laugh while others are meant to make you bond with the other players. Don’t let your boredom conquer; try out some of these must-have board games!

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Loaded Questions

When discussing must-have board games, Loaded Questions is the first thing I think of. One person asks a question like, "What celebrity has no right being a celebrity?" and the rest write down their answers. When everything is jotted down, someone reads out the answers and the questioner has to guess who said what. Whenever my friends come over, we end up playing a few rounds. It helps us get to know one another better while keeping us laughing.


Cards against Humanity

If you’ve ever played Apples to Apples (another great game) you already know how to play Cards Against Humanity. There are two sets of cards: ones that hold questions and others that hold answers. One player puts down a question card and the rest answer with the funniest answer they can. The best part? It’s free! Just go to cardsagainsthumanity.com to print out the cards and have fun!


Family Feud

If you’re a fan of game shows like I am, you’ve seen Family Feud. This game comes with a disk for your computer and a whiteboard for each team to fill out. Just like the show, you’ll be asked a question that you have to come up with multiple answers to. Write them down and when the time is up, the screen will tell you if you’re right. But be careful: unlike the show, you’re only allowed to get one wrong before the other team can steal.



Do you remember playing Telephone when you were younger? Instead of whispering a word or phrase in someone’s ear, this game lets you draw things out. The first person sketches a drawing and the next guesses what it is and attempts to redraw it. The routine continues as the players pass the whiteboard along until everyone has had a turn. At the end, everyone gets to see how the final result compares to the original word.


Rory’s Story Cubes

Although there’s not an actual board involved, this is still a great game! It contains dice with pictures on them and is great for children or anyone with a vivid imagination. All you do is roll the dice and try to come up with a story that involves all of the pictures that came up. Each person playing can say a sentence and have the story continue on. Or if you’re a writer, use the dice to spark ideas for a story!


Angry Birds Space Race Game

This board game works like Trouble, but has a modern twist. Two to four people can play as the different birds from the space version of Angry Birds. The rules are easy: roll the die to see how many spaces you’re allowed to move. The first person to get all of their pieces to the finish line wins. If you want a simple game for a small group of friends, try this one out.


Reverse Charades

Do you love playing charades? Then you’ll want to test out this game. Instead of having one person act out a card and a group guessing what the answer is, the process is reversed. An entire group acts out the card while only one person guesses. If you have a large group of friends, this game will be perfect!

I hope these games keep you and your friends entertained! Do you have a favorite board game? How do you play?

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What about "Life" I love that game since I was young and I'm 25


We always play a game called "things". It never allows for a dull moment.

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