7 Wonderful Ways to Make This a Memorable Fall ...


7 Wonderful Ways to Make This a Memorable Fall ...
7 Wonderful Ways to Make This a Memorable Fall ...

The changes of seasons, no matter which one it is, always gets me thinking about fun things to do, and I've got lots of ideas in mind for making this a memorable fall for me and my family. From enjoying the holidays to enjoying nature, there are tons of ways to make this a memorable fall.

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Decorate Decorations always make for a memorable fall. They add interest and excitement to the everyday decor of a home and they get everyone in a festive mood. Instead of just putting up the decorations yourself, turn decorating into a memorable activity this fall by enlisting the help of your family. Let the kids help pick out and put up the Halloween and Thanksgiving decor. They'll love helping and their involvement will make the activity all the more memorable.


Exploring Nature

Exploring Nature The changing leaves, the animals getting ready for the cold weather, the harvest season; there are so many things to enjoy in nature during the fall season. Go out on a nature hike and collect items to make a nature-related craft with your kids. Take a hike through the woods to see the foliage. Head to a farm and pick some fresh fruits and veggies.



Fairs I've said it before and I'll say it again; I am a huge fan of fairs - and my favorite fairs happen during the fall season. All of the harvest displays, the seasonal crafts, the hearty foods, the upbeat music; I just love putting on cozy sweaters, exploring and mixing and mingling at fall fairs.


A Hayride

A Hayride A hayride is sure to be a highlight of your fall season. Pack up the kids or go along with your sweetie; either way, you'll enjoy feeling a little bit country while singing tunes, sitting on bails of hay and taking in the beauty of the fall scenery.


Pumpkin Picking

Pumpkin Picking You can't have fall without pumpkins, but instead of buying them already picked at a grocery store, or using those fake ones, go pick your own in a field. You'll get the chance to peruse through the dozens of options and you'll get the perfect pumpkin for your seasonal display.


Carve a Pumpkin

Carve a Pumpkin As Halloween approaches, turn those pumpkins that you picked into lively Jack-o-Lanterns to welcome trick-or-treater's with. Make up silly designs or use a kit; either way, you'll make a festive creation.


Get Dressed up

Get Dressed up Halloween is, hands down, my favorite holiday. There's no stress involved, it is an opportunity to be a kid again and it is filled with silly spooks and games. I may be a mother, a home owner and in my 30s, but I haven't missed a year of dressing up since I was a kid. Get dressed up for a party, to go trick-or-treating with your kids or just to welcome the little ones who are looking for candy at your front door. It really is a tremendous amount of fun and will certainly help to make your fall season a memorable one.

The passing of Labor Day means that the fall is upon us. These are all activities that I partake in each fall season, and they always prove to make for a memorable fall, year after year. What types of activities do you enjoy partaking in during the fall season?

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I love this !

I LOVE going to pumpkin farms during fall. It's so much fun to go on hayrides, pick fruit, see the animals and play in the corn feild. ⛅️

I like going to fairs with groups. I would love Halloween more if kids did come to my door step. However I live in a quiet neighbourhood, and wouldn't want to dress up just for family.

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