17 Fun Things to do with Friends in Fall ...


17 Fun Things to do with Friends in Fall ...
17 Fun Things to do with Friends in Fall ...

Just when you thought the summer season started, fall is literally weeks away and I’ve got ideas for fun things to do in fall that you can look forward to doing with friends and family! Warm weather definitely has its perks but there are tons of rad things about fall too so instead of dreading the start of school and the cooler weather, let’s get excited about fall!

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Make Drinks

Ahh, one of the first things to do in fall that I personally can’t wait to do is to curl up with a hot drink and not feel like I’m having hot flashes! You’ve also gotta love the seasonal drinks like pumpkin spiced lattes, apple cider, and hot cocoa! Instead of hitting a bar on the weekend, invite your friends over for spiked hot drinks, board games and girl talk!


Play in Leaves

To many people playing in a pile of fall leaves is the epitome of fall fun! Who cares if you haven’t played in leaves since you were 8! Grab your sweetheart, your friends, dog, kids or go by yourself and rake some leaves just to play in them and make a mess! If you don’t have any leaves in your yard, look for a park with lots of trees and fallen leaves!


Take Pictures

One of the best inexpensive yet fun activities for fall is to take pictures of the changing seasons and update your social media profile pictures with fall themed pictures. Wherever you live, you can find signs of the changing season and capturing it on film will be a great way to remember all the fun fall memories!


Pick Pumpkins

Things to do in fall include visiting a pumpkin patch and picking out a pumpkin to carve! You don’t have to be a master artist to carve a pumpkin, it’s easy, fun and you get to show off your artwork to others by displaying it in front of your house. Challenge your family members or friends to a pumpkin carving contest to get everyone in the fall spirit!


Make Dessert

Making a seasonal dessert like pumpkin or cranberry pie is a fun fall activity that everyone will appreciate! Break out your baking skills and whip up an autumn harvest pie and surprise someone or have people over to share your yummy dessert!


Go to a Fair

Fairs are part of the fall fun so it’s a great place to enjoy food you can only get at a fair like deep fried butter, challenge friends to games and look at all the exhibits! Enjoy a candy apple, get on the Tilt-A-Whirl, win a life-sized SpongeBob and take silly pictures in the photo booth.


Clean Your Closet

Cleaning out your closet isn’t necessarily a fun fall activity but sorting through your things and donating items should make you feel good to help out others! If you could use some extra money, consider having a yard sale, taking some of your gently used items to a consignment store or a shop that buys gently used items to get some extra cash.


Paint Your Nails

Part of the activities for fall has to include changing your fingernails and toenails to fall colors! Have friends or family over and give each other pedicures in autumn colors and if you’re feeling ambitious, do some fall themed nail art!


Get Some Fall Furnishings

One of the things to do in fall has to include getting some fall embellishments for your home! Head to a discount home goods store or even the dollar store and get some fall themed items to make your home look and feel more cozy and warm.


Plan a Vacation

For some, the fall seasons can be dreary and dismal so to help you get in the spirit of fall fun and plan your next vacation! Look up places that you’ve always wanted to visit and research the cost and see if you can work it into your monthly budget and make it a goal.


Make S’mores

There’s nothing like fall food to get you in the mood for the change of seasons so make some s’mores and add it to your list of things to do in fall! The ingredients for s’mores are relatively inexpensive so you can make a bunch when you have a big gathering!


Update Your Makeup

Just like you changed your nail colors as part of the fall fun, update your makeup to reflect the new season! Swap summer’s pastels and bright colors for rich, warm colors like chocolate brown, cinnamon and forest greens. You’ll probably want to change your foundation and blush too if your skin gets lighter in the fall.


Light a Candle

Indulge your senses in some seasonal scents as another one of the things to do in fall. Get some candles that get you in the mood for shorter days, warm drinks, bonfires and windy weather. Don’t feel like you have to get expensive candles either, discount stores usually have a big collection of candles that smell amazing and won’t break the bank!


Make a List

You read that right; this list of things to do in the fall is suggesting you to make a list! Make a list of things your thankful for and take time to reflect on the year and the things you’re most thankful for. Don’t think you have to wait until fall to think about what the things you’re thankful for, get in the habit of doing it often!


Make Soup

Learn to make a signature soup or stew as one of fun fall activities to do this year. There’s nothing like homemade comfort food that fills your house with delicious fragrance. Experiment with different recipes until you come up with your very own signature fall soup or stew.


Have a Fall Harvest Party

Host a Halloween or Fall Harvest Party as a fun fall activity! Plan a menu or make it a potluck to get a mix of different foods and dress up in costume. If you’re not into costumes just have people over for tasty food and fall cocktails and enjoy the good company!


Take a Ride

One of the must-do fun fall activities to do is to take a hayride. You’ll feel like a kid again riding in a wagon and enjoying seeing the signs of fall all around you. If you’re the adventurous type who enjoys a good scare, make sure you stop at a haunted house with some friends for a night of laughs and screams!

There are so many enjoyable and festive things to do in fall and I hope this list gave you some ideas of things to look forward to doing! If you’re not a fan of fall, this is a great way to get excited about doing things with your friends and get through the season! What’s your favorite thing to do in fall?

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