8 Cool Things to do Instead of Going to a College Party ...

Personally I am not a partier, but it isn’t a secret that a lot of people do. There are fun things to do on campuses besides going out an partying. The next time you are offered an invite to a party, think about these other options to try instead! Here are 8 cool things to do instead of going to a college party...

1. Movie Night…

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This one is probably my favorite things to do. I love getting all comfy and popping popcorn relaxing after a long week and watching a good movie with some friends. Weekends call for some serious relaxation and rest; why not do so while watching a great movie, maybe something you haven’t seen before? I know my school has their own movie channel with some up to date flicks, but channels like ABC Family, TBS, F/X, and TNT are always showing movies on the weekends. Tune in and veg out!

2. Explore a New Place!

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College campuses only go so far, getting off campus is when you’ll find new awesome things. Check out the surrounding area on campus. There are probably so many cool things to see and do. Find a new local café or a cute shop and help out some local vendors in the process. Knowing the area around your campus is a great way to find things to do other than going out to parties.

3. Homework…

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Well no one really enjoys doing their homework, but it is what you went to college for. Weekends are a great time to catch up on things you may have fallen behind on during a hectic week. There is extra time since you have less running around to do, plus when everyone else goes out the dorms tend to quiet down. Your GPA will thank you in the long run!

4. Sports…

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Sports are wonderful to not only give you something to do, but also help you work on your fitness. The benefits of participating in sports are so much greater than the benefits of going to a party. There are also some of you playing on college scholarships, why put that in jeopardy by going out and drinking at a party?

5. Attend a Sporting Event…

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If you aren’t really into playing sports, maybe attend a game instead! You get all the fun of the event, but don’t actually have to do anything, except cheer of course! Go out and show your school spirit and maybe meet new people in the process. Try out less view events and support all realms of your school.

6. School Sponsored and Provided Events…

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A lot of times the schools will try and provide some type of activity for students to attend and more times than not the event is free or very cheap. Go and check them out at least once and see what they’re all about. Maybe you’ll find something you enjoy going to! Schools will try and diversify what they provide so there is usually something for everyone!

7. Concerts…

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Now this isn’t the cheapest of options to try out, but if you only do it ever once in a while it makes for a very fun time. Concerts are always a good time, I don’t think I’ve been to a concert where I have regretted spending the money. It’s about choosing the ones you really want to attend, pick wisely a band or artist who you really enjoy. Get a few friends to go and have a grand time of dancing and singing!

8. RA Hosted Events…

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The resident assistants of the dorms work really hard to put together activities for residents to enjoy… the message here is attend them! A lot of thought goes into preparing them and they are very enjoyable. They are kept diverse so there is something offered for everyone to have fun with. You are supporting your hardworking RA and having fun at the same time!

There are so many other options aside from partying, it just takes the time to actually go out and find them. Try something new, meet some new people, and have fun! Are there any things you like to do besides partying?

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