8 Fun Friend Date Ideas That Won't Break the Bank ...


8 Fun Friend Date Ideas That Won't Break the Bank ...
8 Fun Friend Date Ideas That Won't Break the Bank ...

With the state of the economy being a total downer, friend date ideas that are cheap yet fun might seem hard to come by, but they really aren’t! There are surprisingly entertaining and affordable ideas right at your fingertips-you just might not have thought of them yet! So, I’ve found 8 great friend date ideas you can use to bond with your bud without having to eat ramen for the rest of the month!

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Clothing Swap

Friend date ideas don’t always have to take place outside the home! Why not catch up with your girls while trading some of your gently used clothes and accessories at home? Clothing swaps are an easy way to get your girlfriends together and have fun without having to spend a lot. You can serve some drinks and light snacks or have a potluck while nabbing your friend’s LBD you’ve been coveting for ages!


TV Show Viewing Party

This next friend date is nothing new, but a really fun way to get a friend or two over to dish about your favorite show! Do you and your pals love The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or The Voice? If you enjoy watching the same shows, might as well watch them together and turn it into a little party! You can even create your own drinking game to play while you watch the show, just make sure friends are okay before driving home or turn it into a sleepover!


Game Night

If you’re looking to put some excitement back into your friend dates, why not host a game night? A fab activity with friends is to get everyone over for a board game, poker or even a video game tournament! If you don’t own a gaming system, borrow one or opt for cards or a board game. Have some finger foods ready for a night of competition and let the best woman win!


Take a Class

Another friend date idea to consider is to take a class or go to a demonstration with a pal. Look up some inexpensive and interesting classes offered in your community or look online for cooking or craft demonstrations nearby. You’ll both learn something, get to try something new and maybe even meet some new people!


Themed Movie Night

Movie nights are awesome friend date ideas but a themed movie night is even better! Pick a theme like Napoleon Dynamite and serve tater tots and nachos. Or choose an all 80s movie night and come in character or set the mood with decorations. How cool would it be to deck out your digs with themed decorations or a red carpet for your girls to walk on?!


Go Geocaching

Geocaching is a terrific idea for a friend date or even the whole family! Geocaching is a treasure hunting game where you hide and seek swag in different containers. The only expense involved with geocaching is gas if you choose to drive but there’s a good possibility that there are caches that you can walk to as well! For more in-depth info on geocaching, check out this how-to at geocaching.com.



Do you and your friends have an organization that you’re both passionate about or might have an interest in? Volunteering your time at a local organization is a feel-good activity with friends that you can be proud of taking part in! Volunteer for a one-time event or make it a regular part of you and your friend’s lives. Either way, you’re helping others and doing good for your community and your friendship!


Spa Night

Friend date ideas don’t get any better than having a spa night! Imagine chillin’ with your girlfriends with a DIY face mask on, getting your toes done and sipping on your favorite drink! Don’t equate spas with lots of money because you can easily make some DIY facial treatments with items you probably already own. Have your girlfriends bring over some nail polish and get your glam on!

These friend date ideas offer you and your friends simple and affordable ways to bond on a budget. There’s no reason to break the bank in order to hang out with your pals, there are millions of fun activities that you can do without going broke! Do you have any cool friend date ideas? What’s the best friend date you ever had?

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