11 Fun 90s Themed Party Ideas ...

Sadly, the 90s are over, but that doesn't mean you can't bring them back with some fun 90s themed party ideas! If you're looking for a fun and fantastic party theme, then look no further. Throwing a 90s party will have all of your guests forgetting what Facebook and iPads are, and embracing their nostalgia! To get you started with planning the funnest party of the year, here are a few great 90s themed party ideas! The only thing that should be from the 2000s at this party are your cameras so you can remember everything forever.

1. No Smart Phones

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Unless you own an old colorless "brick" cell phone that was around in the late 90s, you should not have a cell phone in your hand during the party. This is one of those 90s themed party ideas that may seem annoying at first, but will actually help everyone have a better time! Nowadays we are all so busy texting or checking Facebook on our phones that we have lost a sense of physical communication. Banning phone use at your party will remind your guests of a simpler time where phones were only used for calling! Plus, less phone use means more conversation, so make sure your guests only use their phones for emergencies!

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