7 Fun Spontaneous Things to do as an Adult ...


7 Fun Spontaneous Things to do as an Adult ...
7 Fun Spontaneous Things to do as an Adult ...

Sometimes the world may seem like its on your shoulders, so here are 7 spontaneous things to do! Now, these may not be for everyone but, sometimes living on the edge, or even doing something daring can bring some spark back into that dull step. Woo hoo! Who doesn't want spontaneous things to do?! Let's get started on my list, and see if there's something you can do to be spontaneous, too!

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I have yet to conquer my fear of free falling from a plane, but, this is one of my spontaneous things to do! My sister-in-law and husband have both done it, and they do it with ease! I applaud them both! Randomly, deciding to free fall is not only a thrill, but an excitement of a lifetime!



Personally, I took this risky step after having over 14 inches of long, lucius locks - I completely cut off all my hair and had a pixie cut! But, I donated my hair for a good cause! Winning! Sometimes this is a way I like to spice things up for myself! Going out of my comfort zone and changing up my style! Have you ever gotten a daring haircut? Was it spontaneous, or did you plan it?



Sometimes you see a cute pair of jeans on a rack at the store and then you go, "I would never be able to pull that off." Well, honey, YES, YOU CAN! Go out of your normal everyday wear and purchase things that maybe a little different, and rock a new style! Why not? Be spontaneous with your style!



Now, this may not be for everybody, and my husband is guilty as charged with this risky step! I firmly believe in living life without regrets good or bad. So does my husband... he definitely got spontaneous with his friends and got a Mrs. Pacman tattoo, eating his nipple. Yes, you read that correctly... HAHA!



This too may not be for everybody, but, get a new piercing! Whether it's something crazy like getting your tongue pierced, or to even just changing up the style of jewelry you normally would wear. I only have my ears pierced and had my nose pierced. But, sometimes I like to change up my earring style to keep things fresh! Would you get a new piercing to be spontaneous?



For those thrill seekers, this is a must! I have yet to experience this, but it definitely is on my bucket list! Like free falling, this is something that I have to conquer my fears over! But, I've had friends who have done this and absolutely would do it again! That's a good sign!



Take a day trip! I've done this numerous times. Even if it's overnight or for a day or two. Go out of town, stay in a different city. Sometimes a different change of scenery or atmosphere can do wonders! And don't go as a tourist, look around and do the things people who live there like to do!

Aren't these things spontaneous and crazy?! I have only tried a few of these things, and would love to hear about any spontaneous adventures you've had! Let me know!

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It's about time for a day trip. NOLA???

I've done all except sky diving lol. But it's on my to do list for this year

A few years ago, I started losing my hair from treatment of a brain tumor. It started coming out all patchy. I took the plunge and had my long hair chopped of into a pixie cut. It turned out really well! Also, because of the patchiness, I had the "Skrillex" cut WAY before anyone else, even Skrillex! I was extremely self conscious at first and I wouldn't leave the house without a hat on. Then one day I was going to dinner with my older sister, as we were going out the door she grabbed my hat from me and said "Bald is beautiful, go kick some ass". She gave me the confidence I needed to embrace my new hair and I ended up loving it!

I really want to get a pixie cut but I don't think it will work :/

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