8 Fun Thing to do with the Girls ...


8 Fun Thing to do with the Girls ...
8 Fun Thing to do with the Girls ...

There is some real truth to the song Girls Just Want to Have Fun, and when you are looking to have some quality fun time, there are plenty of fun things to do with the girls. Whether you are feeling adventurous or you just want to get gussied up and have a few giggles, here are some fun things to do with the girls that everyone will be sure to enjoy. Let's go!

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Paint the Town Red

One of the greatest fun things to do with the girls is to get dressed to the nines and paint the town red. Go to a club and dance the night away. Enjoy cocktails at your favorite lounge. Dine at a five star restaurant. Sometimes there is nothing better than getting dressed up an enjoying a night on the town. Slip into your best LBD and heels, and go have some fun!


Spa Day

You and your girlfriends can enjoy some quality time together while getting pampered at a spa. Get massages, manicures and pedicures and facials. Enjoy lunch while you are at the spa, and perhaps even a glass or two of bubbly. Why not?


Sip Some Spirits

Spend some quality time with your best girls while sampling some tasty libations. If you live in an area where there are wineries, breweries or distilleries, hire a limo to take you out on a tour of these spirit-making locals and enjoy some giggles with the girls while you go.


Go to a Concert

Do you and your girlfriends have a favorite singer or band? How about getting tickets to a concert and seeing your favorite performers together? Seeing a concert together is sure to be an experience that you and your girls will remember forever.


Go Shopping

What girl doesn’t like to go shopping? You can your girlfriends can enjoy some quality time together while shopping at your favorite stores. Not only will you have fun trying on the latest fashions together, but you will also be able to give one another your opinions about the duds you try on.


Go Hiking

If you and your girlfriends like to be outdoors, how about going on a hike together? You can get some great exercise, appreciate the beauty of nature and enjoy spending some time together. Don't forget your camera!


Go Camping

If you are really adventurous and you really like the great outdoors, you and your girlfriends can plan a camping trip together. Reserve a spot at a park, or find a location in the woods, or wherever, pitch a tent and spend some time getting to know one another again.


Go to the Beach

Do you live near the ocean, a lake or a river? Even if you don’t, you can plan a weekend away at a beach. Put on your swimsuits, spread out some towels and spend the weekend gossiping while you soak up some rays and splash around in the water.

Your girlfriends are some of the most important people in your life. They are the people you share your secrets with, who you diet with, who you shop with and who you can trust with anything. Spending quality time together will allow you to keep your relationships healthy. What are some fun things that you do with your girlfriends?

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@Ashley Abbou cool !!!

I just recently organized a vintage pin up photo shoot w my ladies. We hire a hair/makeup artist and a photographer :) I'm sure it's going to be awesome!

This makes me want girl friends . :( although I love my friends, they are all guys.

Before a dance all my girls come to my house & we get ready, we eat, listen to music, put on our make up & all that stuff. Its kind of a ritual now. No boyfriends or guy friends.

lover these ideas

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