9 Activities to do with Your Mom ...


9 Activities to do with Your Mom ...
9 Activities to do with Your Mom ...

No matter how old you are, there are always activities to do with your Mom that will remind her that you still enjoy being with her. Now that I'm older, my Mom and I usually do the same kinds of things that I would do with one of my girlfriends. There are certain activities though that are made even better if they are done with your Mom over your girlfriends. So here are 7 activities to do with your Mom that are sure to help you out during Mother's Day, her birthday, or even any day you want to remind your Mom how much she means to you!

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Just Hang out

cat, mammal, small to medium sized cats, vertebrate, text, There’s nothing better than just hanging out with mom. Go take a drive together and get lost in deep conversation, sit on the couch and chat about your favorite old memories. Whatever the case, you’re never too old or too young to just be with your mom. Because as sad as it is, one day this will be the memory you cherish most.



finger, nail, hand, nail care, nail polish, You don’t have to run to the salon; you and mama can sit at home doing your own or each other’s nails. Gossip, wear your comfy clothes, and just relax and hang out! Plus, you’ll be happy to save the money and still be able to spend time together!


Take a Cooking Class

dish, food, Whether you and your Mom are great or terrible cooks, taking a cooking class together can be one of the most fun activities to do with your Mom! Not only will you guys have a ton of fun, but you will also learn something new that you can make at home. Plus, you'll get to see who's the better chef, Mother or Daughter! Check out Living Social as they usually have great discounts on cooking classes in your area.


Plan a Spa Day

people, singing, What better way to spend the day together than being pampered at a spa? Day spa packages are available in a variety of price options and some spas even have a mother-daughter package! These sessions can include manicures, pedicures, massages, facials, and anything else you can think of! Plus it's a great time to be able to talk and catch up with one another!


Volunteer Together

human action, person, sports, running, athletics, Is there a cause you both support? Maybe someone in your family had breast cancer or you both love helping animals. Find an event in one of your areas and sign up to help out! Whether it's running in a marathon to raise money for cancer research or helping out at a shelter adoption event. It will be a great experience for both of you to share as well as a way to make a difference!


Go to a Zumba Class

human action, performing arts, dance, person, sports, If you don't mind feeling a little embarrassed, take a Zumba class together! Not only will you get a great workout in, but you will most likely be laughing the entire time. The first time I ever tried a Zumba class was with my Mom and we could not stop laughing because of how uncoordinated we were! But after a while we both got into it and felt great in the end! It's also a great confidence boost for both of you, as I usually feel a little sexy after learning some new "dance" steps.


Take Her to a Chick Flick

audience, nightclub, musical theatre, singing, Recently, I took my Mom to see the new Nicholas Sparks movie she's been dying to see. She feels bad making my step-father go with her because he doesn't like seeing those movies, so whenever I am visiting, I always ask if there's a movie she's wanted to see but hasn't been able to. If anything, try to see one that's been out for a few weeks already at an odd time. We went to see the movie at 10:30am and were the only ones in the entire theater! We had a blast talking out loud to each other during the film and taking pictures sitting in the theater alone. Plus, we saved some money going to an earlier showing!


Take up One of Her Hobbies

stage, singing, Does your Mom like to garden? Then spend the day out in the sun together doing some gardening. Does your Mom like to knit? Then sit together in some comfy chairs and knit together. Whether it's something you enjoy or not, your Mom will love the fact that she can share something she loves with you. Then, agree to try one of your hobbies afterwards to make if fair. So if your hobby is playing video games, then have your Mom grab a controller!


Be Her Personal Shopper

dress, fashion, gown, formal wear, fashion design, If you feel like you have a better sense of fashion then your Mom, then take her out shopping! Every time I visit my Mom she says I have such cute outfits and she doesn't have any. Thus, when we go out shopping, I try to pick out things for her that would look good. Your Mom may not have someone to go shopping with that can give her honest advice about what looks good and what doesn't, so be there for her! Plus if you ask your Mom for advice on what looks good on you as well, it will make her feel like you value her input on your life decisions still.

Your Mom has always been there for you and raised you to be the amazing person you are today. There will never be enough ways to thank her, but starting with just spending time with her is usually all she wants. What is your favorite Mother-Daughter activity? Do you find that there are some things you like to do with your Mom instead of your girlfriends?

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Moms are just amazing creatures and they r just so amazing that they deserve it all

I honestly do everything with my mom, she's like my best friend

My favorite mom memory is wedding dress shopping, with just the two of us.

Go tanning with her!

Moms are Angels on the Earth!

Now we want the things to do with our dad :)

Something like a hot oil spa

Go and take her a to nice spa

And most of the times they get over worried about their kids so I think a nice relaxing day would be a good reminder of how much u love them

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