7 Board Games I Loved as a Kid ...

One of the many things I loved to do as a kid was play board games! When the weather wasn’t good enough for playing outside or I was trying to pass the time at Grandma’s, I would always dust off the cardboard lids and play a game or two with my sister. It’s surprising how some of the board games are still popular today! Here are some of my favorite board games that I loved when I was a kid!

1. Clue

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Was anyone else obsessed with this board game too? Out of all of the board games I had stacked up in the closet, this one was my favorite! Maybe you loved this board game because of the uncertainty and the mystery of not knowing who had committed the crime. But the reason I loved it was because I always got to be Miss Scarlet! I always thought that she was by far the coolest character! Anyone with me on this one?

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