7 Board Games I Loved as a Kid ...


7 Board Games I Loved as a Kid ...
7 Board Games I Loved as a Kid ...

One of the many things I loved to do as a kid was play board games! When the weather wasn’t good enough for playing outside or I was trying to pass the time at Grandma’s, I would always dust off the cardboard lids and play a game or two with my sister. It’s surprising how some of the board games are still popular today! Here are some of my favorite board games that I loved when I was a kid!

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Clue Was anyone else obsessed with this board game too? Out of all of the board games I had stacked up in the closet, this one was my favorite! Maybe you loved this board game because of the uncertainty and the mystery of not knowing who had committed the crime. But the reason I loved it was because I always got to be Miss Scarlet! I always thought that she was by far the coolest character! Anyone with me on this one?


Scene It?

Scene It? When I was a kid we were already far into the age of television, so this board game took advantage of that! “Scene It?” consisted of a DVD that you would play and use to answer trivia questions that corresponded with the clip that was played. This was definitely something that I had to beg my parents for because I thought it was the coolest thing ever! Of course, by the end of all of the times my sister and I played, we had memorized the answer to every question and couldn’t play anymore. But now you can get it as an app on mobile devices! Awesome, right?


Candy Land

Candy Land The reason that I absolutely loved this game was definitely because of how creative it was. Okay, so maybe I loved it because it had candy all over it! But what kid wouldn’t love a land made out of candy? It was every kid’s dream come true! And it would probably still be my dream if I hadn’t realized that it’s probably impossible to have a kingdom made out of candy. But it was definitely fun while it lasted! Did you play Candy Land when you were a kid?



Sorry! This was one of my favorite games simply because I could send my friends’ pawns back to start and say “Sorry!” as loud as I could! My friends and I would hold weeklong battles of just playing this game over and over again! It was always fun when you took the lead on the race to your pawns “home.” But at the end of the day I sure was “sorry” when I had to go back to my own “home” because this game was too much fun! Was that pun too cheesy? I’m so sorry!


Chutes and Ladders

Chutes and Ladders Usually, when you were little and went down the slide at the playground, the going up the ladder part was the worst part and you couldn’t wait to go down the slide! But in this game, it’s reversed! Any kid that played this game instantly became best friends with the drawn on ladders that would let you skip spaces and get you to the winning space the fastest. But when I would fall down a slide and end up back at the beginning, I was ready to cry! Did anyone else love those ladders as much as I did?


The Game of Life

The Game of Life The Game of Life is always fun to play for any kid because there are limited things a child can do! So pretending that you’re an adult and getting married or going to college is pretty exciting for a kid. That’s why I always loved this game! I would go as far as naming each kid I had and deciding exactly what college I was going to! However, I never got through an entire game because I thought that the game should never end. The Game of Life ending? Way too sad!



Parcheesi Not only did I love playing this board game as a kid but I still love playing this game now! Whenever my family and I have a family game night, we always whip out this classic! My family loves to make blockades so other players can’t pass us and beat us home. But what’s a family game night without someone screaming about the rules and digging around for the rulebook? Parcheesi doubles as an anger management class for my family!

Board games have always been the best ways to pass the time and stay out of bad weather. Thinking about all of these old games makes me want to go dig them out of the closet, get a cup of hot chocolate and a blanket, and play them just like I used to! Did you ever play any of these board games when you were a kid? What were some of your favorite board games?

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I did not mean to post that



Yesterday we was playing UNO . It was a fun game.

Trouble was my thing (pop)


Love 1-6

Mine is monopoly and i still addicted it even I'm a teenager lol

I love the game of life I never ended it neither I always thought its better not to know where I'm going in life but straight to the top

Ditto. The Game of Life is my favorite. :)

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