7 50's Party Ideas ...


7 50's Party Ideas ...
7 50's Party Ideas ...

If you have been on Pinterest any at all, you have probably seen some great 50's party ideas already. I am a girl in love with the 50's! I don't think there are many reasons that I wouldn't go back and live in that era at all... except maybe my smart phone and Pinterest! My sister is getting married in September and her and her sweet man have chosen to do something a little different with their toast - they are going to toast with Coca Cola bottles! With this information, I ran with it when it came to her bridal shower! We are setting up a 50's diner scene for her household shower and her bridal shower will be a lingerie store from that era! Here are some 50's party ideas I have found and come up with that are "out of this world!"

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Diner Decor

As I said in my introduction, one of the 50's party ideas that I plan to use is to set up a diner theme. We are going to cover all the tables in red and white checked tablecloths and hang old records from the ceiling and around the walls. Our luncheon will consist of small hamburgers, french fries and milkshakes, and of course, Coca Cola!


Dress the Part

It wouldn't be a complete 50's party without the clothes! Think Audrey Hepburn comes to visit. A cute little shirtwaist dress (which can easily be found with the retro styles of today) and a pair of heels will look complete with some cat eye glasses and dainty gloves. Think you can pull that off?


Chick Game

"Chick" was one of the terms for a young, pretty girl that was coined back in the 50's. For a different play on common games, present each guest with 5 bobby pins as they arrive at the party and make it a "rule" that every lady must refer to the guest of honor as "chick" the entire party. If she is caught calling the guest of honor by her name, the person that catches her gets to take one of her bobby pins. The one with the most bobby pins at the end of the party wins.


Record Fun

If you can get your hands on an old record player, it would certainly add some ambiance by playing old records for background music! Your guests would "dig" that, wouldn't they? Which 50's artists would you play?


Coca Cola Bottles

Coca Cola bottles make great vases for your flowers for each table. A single rose or carnation in each one on each table would be simple but super cute!



If you are using this them for hosting a lingerie shower, one awesome decorating idea that I found was to hang a clothesline and pin up different undergarments across it. You can find bra and pantie styles now that mimic those back in the day. You could also hang up some old fashion stockings and garters! Whatever you hang up could also double as gifts for your blushing bride-to-be!



If you have time and not an extreme number of guests, you might look into having some nail and makeup artists come by to entertain and pamper the guests. Red was the color to have on your nails and lips in the 50's. Have everyone go red or go home! (Well, you don't have to be so harsh, but...) Each lady will enjoy having their nails and makeup done!

I don't know of too many people that wouldn't have fun and enjoy themselves at a 50's party! These 50's party ideas are great, but they are not near everything that could be done! I would love to hear from you ladies! If you have any more ideas that pop into your pretty little heads, please share with me! I just might be able to use your idea!

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