30 Exciting Things You Can do at 18 ...


30 Exciting Things You Can do at 18 ...
30 Exciting Things You Can do at 18 ...

.Most of the time you don't feel any different after birthdays 🎂 because nothing really changes, but it doesn't stay that way since there are many new and exciting things you can do once you turn 18. Once you turn 18, you have reached an important milestone. You are now an adult 🙌 in the eyes of the law! It’s finally the year when new doors open and independence just oozes out of you. If you are about to turn 18, get excited because here are just 30 of the most exciting things you can do once you turn 18! 🎉

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Get a Tattoo

hair,brassiere,clothing,undergarment,lingerie, This is the year when parental permission is no longer a problem because, well, you don’t need it! You are now responsible for your own decisions and your own body. So if you had the urge to get a tattoo all these years, nothing is stopping you now, because getting a tattoo is one of the things you can do once you turn 18.

Better yet, you can organize a tattoo party and get tattoos together with your friends. For you party, you can design your personalized custom made pins to commemorate this special day. At the age of 18, many classmates and friends go their way to pursue their future, you can get tattoos together and share fun custom lapel pins as souvenirs. 

You can design your exclusive pattern on the lapel pin, name of your school, your town, or you you can simply state your attitude towards life. It can be worn on your clothes as a unique accessory that will remind you of this amazing shared experience.



Parachuting, Air sports, Tandem skydiving, Extreme sport, Jumping, Once you turn 18, you are able to express yourself in a more exciting and daring way. If you have always enjoyed the adrenaline while riding roller coasters, you can experience something even better. You can go skydiving! Although it is more on the expensive side, it’s fun, exhilarating and stress relieving.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, at 18 you're legally allowed to get a tattoo without parental consent.

Yes, once you turn 18, you have the right to vote in elections.

Yes, at 18, you can open and manage your own bank account independently.

It depends on where you live. Some places allow gambling at 18, while others require you to be older.

At 18, you're considered an adult and can sign legal documents and enter into contracts on your own.


Buy Fireworks

hair,hairstyle,emotion,romance,interaction, Gone are the days when you had to bribe an older sibling or friend to buy your fireworks for you. Now, you can strut right into the stand and buy your own. It's a powerful feeling to be able to buy something that it was formerly illegal to purchase. Once the excitement of buying wears off, you still get to look forward to lighting the fireworks.


Sue Someone

organ,hand,food, Again, before your 18th birthday, you'll have to have someone help you if you need to sue another person. After your 18th birthday, you can make that decision, go to court, sign all the papers and even hire a lawyer all on your own. There is no guarantee that you'll win, but the choice is up to you. And that's exciting!


Join the Military

Military camouflage, Hair, Military uniform, Army, Soldier, Age 18 is the legal age for joining the armed services. Before that, you will be turned away. Now, though, if you want to serve in the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines, you can apply and sign on. If serving your country is your dream, now is the time to do it.

Famous Quotes

Silence at the proper season is wisdom, and better than any speech.


Donate Blood

white,beauty,skin,close up,arm, You are finally old enough to help those in need by donating blood. It's so fulfilling because you can save three lives each time you go in. You can make a difference without harming your body or making a payment. It’s a win-win for both sides!


Book a Cruise

sea,vacation,ocean,caribbean,underwater, Who knew?! At 18, you can finally break free and go on a cruise by yourself! It's one of those things that's almost worth doing just for the sake of saying you did it.  It's one of the most fun things to do, especially, if you need to cheer up someone.


Unleash the Travel Bug

airplane,vehicle,aircraft,aviation,airliner, Technically speaking, you can travel before you turn 18. You can even travel alone. After you hit this milestone, however, traveling on your own is much easier. There are fewer hassles, you don't need anyone looking after you, and you don't have to answer to anyone.


You have the liberty to explore new places and immerse yourself in different cultures. It's the perfect age to go on a backpacking adventure or plan a road trip with friends. Being 18 means you’re more likely to be taken seriously when booking accommodations and you can handle most travel-related paperwork yourself. You'll also forge unforgettable memories, meet new people, and maybe even discover a bit of who you are along the way. So, get your passport ready and start ticking off those dream destinations from your bucket list!


Buy a Pack of Smokes

hair,face,nose,person,girl, We know smoking is bad for you, but the fact is that some people do it and we're not gonna preach about it. Besides that, sometimes even 18-year-old non-smokers enjoy the feeling of walking into a gas station and asking for a pack of cigarettes just because they can.


can now legally make that choice. It's like a rite of passage to adulthood, asserting a bit of independence, even if just for the shock value amongst friends. Just remember, with new freedoms come new responsibilities. Maybe you'll just keep that pack as a souvenir, a memory of turning 18, tucked away with your coming-of-age keepsakes. Or maybe it'll serve as a conversation starter. Regardless, it's about embracing the legal liberties that come with this milestone birthday. But hey, we're just laying out options – health is wealth, after all.


Lease an Apartment or a House

white,hair,clothing,arm,hairstyle, If you were searching for independence for all these years leading up to your 18th birthday, the wait is over. You can now take your life into your own hands, accept more responsibility and move out of the parental premises! However, make sure you are completely ready to make this big move first.


Drink up (in Other Countries)

drink,alcoholic beverage,food,sense,produce, The legal drinking age in the United States is 21, but that doesn't mean you have to be 21 everywhere. In Canada and several European countries, the drinking age is 18, which means that if you do decide to travel far and wide now that you're legal, you can toast to your good fortune in certain places.


Book a Hotel Room

Blue, Turquoise, Furniture, Summer, Room, Oh yes, you'll finally be able to be in a hotel room by yourself! See why it's also a good time to indulge your wanderlust? Find a place, book a room for you and your girlfriends, and have a blast.


Or Get a Piercing

eyebrow,face,hair,black hair,nose, Always wanted a piercing your parents said "no" to? Once you turn 18, you are in charge of your own destiny and you can make the choice yourself. Most piercing parlors require positive ID stating that you are 18, so be prepared to hand that over before you get pierced.


Jury Duty

human action,face,blue,person,nose, In the eyes of the law, you're an adult once you turn 18, which means that you may be called for jury duty. It isn't always the most exciting thing in the world., but sometimes serving on a jury is a wonderful and enlightening experience that you might wind up enjoying.


Buy a Car

human action,photograph,person,image,woman, Chances are you already have a car, but now that you're 18, you can buy one completely on your own. That means you can make the choice and sign all the papers without having to take your parents along with you. That doesn't mean you'll be approved for financing or get the deal you want, but you are certainly old enough to give it a try.


Go Bungee Jumping

leisure,sports,adventure,jumping,outdoor recreation, If skydiving is not enough for you, you can always try bungee jumping! There is something appealing about jumping into an open air with what feels like nothing attached to your body. It’s something that most people have on their bucket list and if you are one of them, the wait is over and it’s time to check it off your list!


Buy a Lottery Ticket

hair,eyebrow,face,nose,beauty, Being 18 means that you can finally test your luck! If you always wanted to invest a couple of dollars for a chance to win more, go ahead. It might not be on everyone’s to-do list once they turn 18, but it’s always fun to test new things that you weren't able to do before!


Work More

hand,finger,cup,delete,return, Now, that doesn't sound fun, however, you'll be able to make more money! Before you are 18, there are laws that limit your hours, but once you are 18, you can work more hours.


Explore the Pole

person,clothing,lingerie,undergarment,photography, That is, at 18, you are legally allowed to visit a strip club and you are legally allowed to strip – and no judgment on either count. Because you are 18 now and you can make your own choices.


At 18, you are now legally an adult in the eyes of the law. You can now vote, join the military, get a credit card, and even get a tattoo. You can also take full responsibility for any legal action you may take, so it's important to understand the implications of your decisions.

You can also travel and explore the world! In many countries, 18 is the age of majority, so you can visit different countries without the need for parental consent. You can also explore the pole by visiting strip clubs or even becoming a stripper.

At 18, you can also purchase alcohol in some states, although it's important to understand the legal drinking age in your state. You can also purchase tobacco products, although it's important to be aware of the health risks associated with smoking.

You can also start to build your career. At 18, you can get a job and start to build your resume. You can also start to save for college, or even start to look into college courses and programs.


Purchase a Little Porn

hair,sunglasses,glasses,spring break,vision care, Few people actually buy pornography today since it's basically all free on the internet, but some folks still do. You can be one of them once you're 18. Go old school and buy a magazine, purchase a DVD that tickles your fancy, or simply sign up for one of those risque 18+ sites.


At 18, you can now legally purchase pornography. This can come in the form of magazines, DVDs, or paid subscriptions to 18+ websites. It is important to remember that this type of material is not suitable for everyone and should be consumed responsibly. Before purchasing any pornography, it is important to read the ratings and reviews to make sure the material is suitable for you. Additionally, it is important to be aware of the laws and regulations in your country or state regarding the purchase of such material.


Cast Your Vote

youth,RICA,POCK,YEA, If you have always had the urge to participate in the government and contribute to your country, you can check it off your list because you are finally allowed to do it! Being 18 means that you are an adult who is capable of making his or her own decisions and now it’s time to voice your own opinion.


Get a Credit Card

cash,advertising,brand,sense,hand, Holding your first credit card is a heady feeling that is exciting and a big commitment at the same time. Credit cards can definitely get you into trouble, but they are also an ideal way to build your credit now that your finances are yours alone. Look into cards for first-time holders and try to get the best interest rate you can to keep your payments from being more than you can handle.


Get Married

Photograph, Romance, Groom, Love, Bride, Getting married this young isn't highly recommended, but if you so choose, you can get hitched once you turn 18. If you're in love and know you'll get married someday anyway, what could be more exciting than going ahead and doing it? Don't forget to celebrate!


Go to a Festival

Ferris wheel, Fun, Tourist attraction, Amusement park, Wheel, Typically, festivals and concerts have to be attended by your parents and you before you are 18, but once you are 18? Have at it!


Open a Bank Account

hair,person,woman,girl,hairstyle, Before you turn 18, you must have an adult's name on your bank account. After you turn 18, you can open an account with just your name on it. That means you can take control of your own finances and save and spend your money as you want to. Be careful, though, because some banks charge hefty fees for being overdrawn or for dropping below a certain balance.


Explore the Nightlife

Fun, Nightclub, Cool, Friendship, Party, If you were always curious about what really happens in nightclubs, now is the time to explore the nightlife. However don’t get too excited because most clubs will give you’re a wristband or a stamp to show that you are underage and can’t drink. Other than that, you can party the night away!


Change Your Name

hair,human hair color,face,eyebrow,blond, If you have always secretly hated your name and maybe had a little grudge on your parents for naming you the way they did, now is the time to change it. Although it would be a little odd to change your name after 18 years, you can legally do it. It’s your decision after all!


Pawn Something

hair,clothing,hairstyle,beauty,black hair, Did you know that you can't legally pawn something until you're 18? Well, now you know! That's a helpful bit of advice if you're ever short on cash, right?



Snapshot, Fun, Games, Photography, Recreation, Gambling is a really fun activity provided you don't get addicted or go crazy. You won't be able to do it until you turn 18 in most places, but once you do, get ready to play some poker or the slot machines. In the United States, you won't be able to order drinks, but you could win some money and you can definitely gorge yourself on the buffet.


indulgent buffets many casinos are famous for. Remember to set a budget and stick to it to keep the experience enjoyable. If table games seem intimidating, perhaps start with bingo or try your luck at a roulette wheel. It's not just about winning—it's the thrill of playing the game that counts. Just be aware of the laws in your jurisdiction, as some places might have a higher age requirement for gambling. Always gamble responsibly and never chase your losses. It's a form of entertainment, not a way to make money. Enjoy the festive atmosphere and the chance to experience the unique mix of tension and excitement that comes with each bet.


See an R-Rated Movie

clothing,dress,bed,furniture,sleep, Really! You can! Legally. Sure, you've probably been streaming them on Netflix for a while but now you can go into a theater and see an R-rated movie. Deadpool, here we come!

Your 18th birthday is different from all the other ones leading up to this one because the doors to adulthood are finally open to you! However, since the law views you as an adult now, you will be treated like one and that means being sued and arrested. What is one thing that you have always wanted to do once you turned 18? Share with me in the comments!

This article was written in collaboration with editors Lyndsie Robinson, Eliza Martinez, and Heather Robinson

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...I'm 18 in less than 2 days. hallelujah

We can donate blood at our high school...

I am 21, my friend who is also from England is 21 and we are visiting a friend in New Jersey who is 20. We wanted to book a cruise but someone told us we need someone over 24 to come with us for our 20 year old friend to be allowed to come. Is this true? X

#9 good for you

in australia, we can drink and buy alcohol at 18

In my country 13 years old are experts in the night life.

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