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With so many of my friends dreading the big 3-0, I've been extremely busy explaining that you should look forward to your 30s. It's not the end of the world. While the 20s are fun, each decade gives you something new and exciting to look forward to. Believe it or not, there are quite a few reasons to look forward to your 30s. Trust me, after just a few months in, you'll see exactly what I mean.

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You Know Who You Are

I spent most of my teens and 20s trying to figure out exactly who I am. By the time you turn 30, you usually feel comfortable with who you are. Instead of constantly wondering what to change next, you can focus on just enjoying who you've become. It may seem strange, but you experience a new, hard fought maturity in your 30s that actually makes you more relaxed. Becoming a confident force to be reckoned with is definitely a great reason to look forward to your 30s.


Enjoy Stability

I changed my mind about my style and career more times than I can count during my 20s. By the time you reach your 30s, you've figured out what style fits you best and what career path you want to head down. As a result, you have a more stable lifestyle without all the drama that goes with constantly changing your mind. While you can still shake things up, you know it's okay to stay with what you like. I know I feel more stable in my choices and I focus on advancing instead of changing.


You're Finally an Adult

Okay, so legally you became an adult at 18, but most “adults” still consider you immature even through your 20s. People under 30 are often considered too impulsive and irresponsible to handle adult tasks and careers. Welcome to 30 and adulthood. Suddenly, you're respected for the mistakes you've made and the confidence you've gained. Watch as new doors open for you in your personal and professional life.


More Confident Dating Life

By the time you're 30, you know what you want in a relationship. You're no longer insecure and hiding behind your drink at the bar. Instead, you're ready to take charge. This new confidence acts as a guy magnet. The good ones will definitely notice while the bad guys will still be playing the field of uncertain 20-somethings. Watch as the quality of guy changes, it's absolutely mind-blowing.


The Best Decade of Your Life

I thought the 20s were supposed to be the best, but I was wrong. During your 30s, you reach numerous peaks in your personal and professional life. Your 30s serve as the setup for the rest of your life. Whatever mistakes you made in your 20s fade away as you realize what's really important. During your 30s, you usually find your soul mate, start a family, land your dream job and find the friends who'll be with you for life.


Less Anxiety

I never knew just how stressful your 20s could be until I was there. You have so many ups and downs, it's like a roller-coaster that keeps falling off the track. By the time you reach your 30s, you've hit more stable ground and as a result, the stress and anxiety start to fade away. Of course, you'll have stressful moments, but they won't seem nearly as bad. Think of your 30s as that deep breath that's supposed to dissolve anxiety attacks.


Financially Secure

Finances aren't usually the most important thing to a 20-something. I know I definitely made mistakes along the way. Your 30s likely represent the first time in your life that you're actually financially secure. You have a place that's all your own and steady income to pay for all the fun things you couldn't do in your 20s. Believe me when I say this is probably one of the best things about turning 30.


Chance to Start over

If you really weren't happy with your 20s, turning 30 is the time to start over. It's a new decade and a brand new you. I left quite a few things behind and it made me feel like a new woman. I treated 30 like creating a new wardrobe. I threw out what I didn't like and replaced it with all the things I'd always wanted. I felt more confident, so I wasn't afraid to make some major changes.


It's Just about You

While you'll still get advice from every woman in your life, your 30s are finally just about you. It's not about choosing the same school as your parents, choosing the career that's all the rage at the moment or doing what all your friends want. You know what's best for you by now and you can happily go about your business without feeling like you're letting someone down. I can't tell you how much weight lifted off my shoulders when I realized I didn't care what others thought any more. I could focus on what I wanted instead of pleasing everyone else.

While it may seem like a big deal to some, your 30s are honestly just another set of ages. I spent my 20s growing and maturing. My 30s are now something wonderful and exciting and I can honestly say they're even better than my 20s. What are you looking forward to most about your 30s?

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I'm 29tmarrow's is when I'm 30

Haha so true bout the guys that are stupid goin to be messing wit the girls in theyre 20s when they're 30!

I'm so excited for my 30s. Just a few more years

I love being 37! I know so much more and am much more confident even with the extra 10 lb difference. Be happy! With age comes wisdom

I take back the stupid part lol

Soo true!! Love my thirties!!

Lol - you don't really know who you are until you hit your 40's :) by then you don't care about what others think, it's very freeing

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