10 Things to Try before You're 40 ...


Do you have a list of things to do before you’re 40? New research suggests that more and more people are creating a type of bucket list for each life period, detailing exactly what they’d like to cross off. I’m all for motivating myself with lists and targets, and it seems many of use want the same things – here’s the 10 most-common things to do before you’re 40.

1. Learn Not to Care

Okay, so this one sounds a little odd, but the theory is right, so this is one of the things to try before you're 40. Everyone needs to learn not to care what other people think of you, and instead to reflect on what you think of them. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t be a nice person, just that if you love that bright orange coat, who cares if no-one else does?! And if you want a family holiday somewhere crazy, that’s fine too. Other people’s judgments of your life are useless, but your perceptions of them aren’t.

Change Your Hair Color
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