8 Techniques to Achieve Your Goals ...


8 Techniques to Achieve Your Goals ...
8 Techniques to Achieve Your Goals ...

With the New Year here, what better subject to cover than different techniques to achieve your goals? I love having goals, aspirations and ideas, but sometimes I need to get a bit more practical when it comes to actually achieving them. Checkout these techniques to achieve your goals and maybe try some on for size... what have you got to loose?

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Vision Board

This has to be on my favorite ways to help me achieve my goals. Take an afternoon to cut, stick, color and create your very own vision board. Fill it with all the experiences, achievements and things you desire and make a point to stick it somewhere you will be able to see it everyday. Seeing is believing, ladies. Use a vision board as one of the techniques to achieve your goals.


Baby Steps

Often we know the end goal, but the thought of reaching it can be a little daunting. It is important to remember that all the big moves and accomplishments that have ever taken place, are made up of a whole lot of little moves, or ‘baby steps’ should we say. Start small, tackle the task right in front of you and deal with one small step in the right direction at a time.


Buddy Ups

I recently recruited one of my best friends to help me stay on track with one of my goals. Every Sunday we meet for coffee and I run through with her what I achieved since we last meet and what is on my task list for the week ahead. It is a positive motivator to know that your friend will be checking over things and a great excuse to have a good girly catch-up once a week!



Ohh I love a good list. Just the thought of crossing out jobs done gets me all excited in ways I know I shouldn't really confess to. Create a list of all the ‘baby steps’ that need to be completed in order for you to reach your end goal and cross them out as you go. If it is a long running goal every Sunday write a list of what needs to be done during the week ahead in order to stay on track.


The Light Ahead

If you have ever run a half or full marathon then you will know just how amazing it is to see a marker every now and then highlighting your progress and how far you have to go until the finish line. Set yourself targets within your goal, mile stones that show you how far you have come and how far until you have succeeded in reaching your goal.


Reward Me

What is the point in working hard if you don’t get anything for it? Whilst you are working towards your goal reward yourself along the way for making progress. Decide at which points you will ‘treat yourself’ and let that spur you on. I was recently working on a huge project and after slogging away most evenings I would treat myself to brunch on Saturday morning and a completely work free afternoon… bliss!


Map It out

How can we get to where we want to go if we don’t really know where we are going? One of the most important techniques to achieve your goals is to make a solid plan. Decide on both your short term and long term goals and regularly check up on yourself to make sure you are still on track.


Be Sure

Before you even embark on your journey to reaching your goals, make sure that it is a realistic goal and it is in fact what you want. We often fail to achieve our goals because we loose steam and motivation, this can be because it wasn't something that we really wanted in the first place. Make sure you set out knowing that your goal is not only achievable but that you want it with every bone of your beautiful body.

There is a process to achieving your goals and if you set yourself up right and put the right procedures in place, there is no reason why you should not meet your expectations. Give yourself have a chance and have a plan, anything is possible! Does anyone else have any techniques to achieve your goals that they want to offer up?

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Love the list, especially the vision board, which seems like a goal in itself :) . Any other ladies find #8 the most daunting? One big obstacle I have is envisioning what I want to achieve, and then becoming discouraged as I try to make my goal "realistic". The more I try to make it achievable, the more I realize the difficulties and consequences that are involved, so I end up putting that goal on the shelf next to all the other ones I have put off :(

I love that vision board idea!! :) I think I'll do that!

great :)

Perfect! :))

This are great recommendations!

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