10 Effective Ways to Get Motivated ...


10 Effective Ways to Get Motivated ...
10 Effective Ways to Get Motivated ...

We all need ways to get motivated sometimes whether it’s motivation to exercise, study or just get some encouragement to clean out a messy closet! I’ve found 10 simple yet tried and true ways to get motivated so that you can get amped up to accomplish your goals and anything else you care to tackle!

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Determine Your Goal

This might seem like a given, but if you’re looking for ways to get motivated to something, you’ve gotta narrow down your objective and set a realistic time period to achieve that goal. If you have a laundry list of things you want to do, let’s take them on one at a time to make it easier and it’ll also be much easier to get motivated when you focus on one thing at a time and you have a clear picture of what you want to accomplish.


Get Inspired

A sure way to get motivated is to look for inspiration! If you want to lose weight, check out weight loss blogs and sites to see before-and-after pictures and inspirational stories. If you need some encouragement to study, think about your career goal and how this class and a good grade is all part of the big picture. Read up on some people you admire, I’ll bet you anything that they had to do tons of stuff that they hated doing too!


Get Some Support

Getting support is crucial when you’re looking for tactics to get motivated. Enlist the help of your friends and family to help keep you on track. Let them know what your ultimate goal is and what changes you’re making in order to accomplish that goal. Now your boyfriend won’t ask you for a late night burger run when he knows you’re trying to slim down. If your friends or family are trying to accomplish the same goal, join forces to motivate each other to stay on track!


Consider forming accountability partnerships where you and a friend check in on each other's progress regularly. Mix up your routines together to keep things interesting and avoid plateauing or losing interest. Encourage one another by celebrating small victories and providing a gentle nudge when one of you needs it. This kind of moral support is invaluable and helps create a shared commitment to achieving personal goals. Remember, a support system isn't just there for the successes—they're the comforting shoulder and the extra push when challenges arise.


Make a Commitment

A great way to get motivated and stay motivated is to make a commitment and make others aware. This is step is similar to getting support but this step entails making a commitment with yourself as well. Put it writing and stick it on the fridge, tweet it or do whatever you feel will make the goal stick. I have friends who purposely post on Facebook that they’re going to the gym so they won’t back out. Making your pledge public will make you more accountable and you’re less likely to back down.


Start Small

While you’re looking for ways to get motivated, remember that you’re much more likely to succeed and stay interested and driven if you approach your goal in small steps. Take each step small and slow, you don’t have to read your entire textbook in one sitting and try to memorize it all. Take it a chapter or two at a time and do a little each day so you’re not stuck cramming the last minute. Starting small will also make it easier to hit all your small targets and build confidence!


Focus on Your Goal

One of the best ways to get motivated to accomplish your goal is to think about it regularly. Don’t obsess about it, but take some time each day to think about it, assess your progress and think about what else you need to do. Think about it in bite-sized pieces or you’ll be overwhelmed with everything you still need to do. Just remind yourself of your goal so you don’t stray and stay motivated!


Understand the Process

Realizing that finding a system of getting motivated and reaching your goal is a process will help you avoid feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. The entire process of getting motivated to reach your goal will be a gradual progression and you won’t see new habits and changes overnight. It takes awhile for a person to develop a new habit and make it part of their routine so don’t expect miracles in a matter of hours. Give yourself time to adjust and make mistakes!


Celebrate Your Successes!

While you’re on your way to get motivated, don’t forget to celebrate small victories and milestones. Any step you take towards accomplishing your goal is huge and is worthy of a small parade! If you’re trying to stop smoking and you’ve gone so many days cigarette-free, treat yourself to a nap or a new lipstick. This way, you’ll look back on how amazing it felt to reach that target and how you’ll feel even more incredible when you’ve accomplished your goal!


Change Your Thought Pattern

Another helpful way to get inspired is to change the way you think and view your goals and obstacles. Don’t let your goal be the end all be all and don’t allow a roadblock to stop you from moving forward! Alter your view on these two things and you’ll feel so much better knowing that your goal doesn’t make you or break you and it’s natural to fail once in awhile. If you obsess about your goal and not losing 10 pounds this week means you failed, it’s so much harder to get motivated and start again.


Stay Positive

Getting motivated means being remaining driven to do something and the only way to get motivated and stay that way over time is to be positive. Look at every step in the process as a learning opportunity and a way to challenge and get to know yourself better. Don’t let negativity get in the way of accomplishing your goal! Focus on the end result and why you want to get inspired to do it in the first place and have confidence in your abilities!

There are many reasons to get inspired to do something and I hope this list of 10 effective ways to get motivated helped you construct a plan of attack! It can be difficult to get motivated to do certain things when we have a lot going on in our lives, but if you made the decision to want to achieve that goal, it’s definitely worth it and I know you can do it!

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Thank you - very good advice! particularly number 9. I find it very hard not to be put down by minor setbacks...

9 is good even for video games, it's so annoying to do it for the 33rd time...

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