7 Healthy Yet Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday ...


7 Healthy Yet Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday ...
7 Healthy Yet Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday ...

If you’re trying to stay fit and have a goal you would like to reach this year, there are fun ways to celebrate your birthday while still being healthy. Make your birthday part of your goal by celebrating with a bike ride through your favorite park or by climbing that mountain you’ve always wanted to conquer. Tell your friends you are determined to reach your goal this year so they plan fun ways to celebrate your birthday that are healthy and will keep you on track.

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Sign up for a Fun Race...

I have heard of so many great races lately, like The Color Run, Warrior Dash, and even one called Dirty Girl Mud Run, that would be really fun ways to celebrate your birthday in a healthy way. The Color Run is a great race to start if you’ve never participated in a 5k before. The point of the race is to get people to be more active and healthy again while having fun. At certain points in the race colored powder is thrown on everyone while they are running. At the finish line everyone gathers together and there is even more colored powder thrown and tossed up in the air. You may be wearing a white shirt at the start of the race, but by the end your shirt and your face will look like a rainbow!


Hike the Appalachian Trail...

I recently watched the documentary “Beauty Beneath the Dirt,” which is about three young adults from urban settings hiking the entire Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. People who travel the entire trail are called thru hikers, and along the way you see townspeople helping them with needed items like food, a place to sleep for the night, or a nice hot shower! A birthday celebration like this one may not be for everyone; however, after seeing these non-hikers conquer their goal, who knows! If you’re at a transition point in your life and looking for a way to find yourself and discover peace, this would be a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday and celebrate life.


Dance Class...

Zumba has really become a hot trend in classes that people are signing up for at their local gyms. It’s not just a dance class and it’s not just a fitness class; it’s Zumba! Make it a celebration for your birthday by booking a private class for you and a few of your closest friends. Did you know there is now an Aqua Zumba class that takes place in a pool and a Zumbini class that is for new moms and their little ones?


Sports Theme...

Speaking of the gym, how about a round of basketball or a game of tennis for a sports themed birthday party? Make a day of it with different game stations to host your very own mini triathlon. Start out on the basketball court, then head on over to racquetball, and end it with a race in the pool with the birthday girl beating everyone for the crown! This would be a fun and healthy way to celebrate your birthday no matter what number is written on your cake.


Fresh & Organic BBQ...

If you’re planning a barbecue birthday celebration and are worried about overeating because it’s your birthday, host a fresh and organic barbecue that includes a fresh and low-cal drink menu as well. Serve foods that were locally grown and drinks that don’t have any added sugars in them. Making the food at home will help keep you on track towards your goal and make you feel better knowing what’s actually going into your food.


Go Biking...

I love riding my bike along the trail in our park, but sometimes I wish the trail would go on for miles and miles. Do you ever have one of those days where you wish you could just ride your bike for hours? Well, why not make a birthday celebration out of it and bike everywhere you were thinking of driving to?! Growing up in the city, riding my bike was one of the best things to do during the Summer. So on my next birthday, if the weather is warm enough, I think I’ll take my bike for a ride all over town and feel like a kid again!


Start a Workout Routine...

This is going to be your year for a new fit and healthy lifestyle and there is no looking back. You can either begin your goal on your birthday and set to reach for it on your next birthday, or start it in the middle of the year and try to reach it by the time your birthday comes. For me, my 30th birthday was a goal of looking at the scale and never seeing over 200 lbs again, and from 30 on out I was never going to be unhealthy again. Make this your best year yet and make every year after a healthy one.

What fun ways to celebrate your birthday in a healthy way are you planning? Would you or have you celebrated your birthday by running in a race or going biking?

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I'm doing the color run next week!

Love the color run! Signed up for the October one in Miami:) can't wait

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