7 Must-do Things for Your Senior Year Bucket List ...

If you're in your final year, now is the time to turn your attention to creating the perfect senior year bucket list. These are the things that you want to accomplish before you graduate and will help you live your senior year to the fullest. So take a break from the job hunt and get your head out of your textbook to add these must do items to your senior year bucket list.

1. Pull an All Nighter That Isn’t for Studying

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As a senior, you have probably pulled your handful of all nighters full of reading, writing papers and cramming for tests and they are far from fun. But by adding an all-nighter that isn't for studying to your senior year bucket list, you can encourage yourself to spend hours with your friends, partying, dancing, and having adventures. You might end up with some of the most memorable experiences of your college years.

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