15 Fun and Creative Ideas You Need on Your Bucket List ...


15 Fun and Creative Ideas You Need on Your Bucket List ...
15 Fun and Creative Ideas You Need on Your Bucket List ...

Have you ever thought about new, fun, and creative things to add to your bucket list? If so, you're in luck! I have made a list of 15 fun and interesting things that would fit nicely into any bucket list. Who knows, perhaps you have already accomplished some of them! I think it would be even more fun to see just how many things you can accomplish in a whole day. With that said, here are 15 possible things to add to your bucket list.

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Be Your Alter Ego

photo shoot, First on the list of things to add to your bucket list is one that I think would be so fun to try. Spend the whole entire day as your "other self" or as someone you wish you could be! Wish you had an accent? Wish you had a different style? Try it out for a whole day, and see what it would be like.


Be in a Flash Mob

fashion, haute couture, fashion show, fashion design, Now this is one I have yet to do. How cool would it be to be a part of something like this? I love music, and I love to dance. If you are the same way, give this one a try! Check online to see if there are any fun ones popping up in your area.


Take an Impromptu Road Trip

hair, room, blond, hairstyle, Grab some friends and hit the road to anywhere! This one might be difficult in this day and age, but how fun would it be? It could be close by, or to an entirely different state. Either way, the fact that it is unplanned, unexpected, and totally last-minute will make it super exciting.


Go Backstage

performance, rock concert, performing arts, light, entertainment, Spoil yourself a little and buy those VIP backstage access tickets to your favorite artist. It is so fun to see a show from a different perspective. Or ask for tickets as a birthday or special occasion present. You'll be glad you did, I promise.


Spoil Yourself for a Day

people, event, festival, spring break, block party, Ahhh, oh how I would love to do this one. Go a whole day doing things that you love, buying yourself things you've been wanting, or just take a day off and check out. Pamper yourself, ladies! You deserve it.


Have a "Throwback" Day

, Make a playlist of old songs you used to listen to. Watch some favorite movies all day. Maybe even dress in the style from back in the day if you are more daring! It is fun to return to the past sometimes, so take a day and do it! Even better if you can get a few friends to do it with you.


Go a Day without a Negative Thought

person, beauty, brown hair, mouth, screenshot, This could be very difficult, I know. But fill a whole day with positive thoughts instead of bad ones. Try giving compliments throughout the day. Not only will you make someone's day, but you'll feel great too! Put the insecurities and negativity away, and start your day off right.


Leave Hidden Compliments

finger, writing, hand, Hide little encouraging notes, compliments, and messages in random places. The thought of someone who might be having a bad day finding it is absolutely rewarding. Hide them in desks at school, tape them to walls here and there, or give them to a passer-by. Either way, this is definitely a fun one to try.


Live a Day of Someone else's Life

cartoon, screenshot, illustration, Have a free day? Follow a friend or family around all day. See what it is like to spend a day in their shoes, and what they go through on a daily basis. This can sometimes offer a different perspective on your own life.


Celebrate a Holiday from a Different Culture

color, art, flower, festival, Broaden your horizon and be open-minded. There are so many different holidays out there, and how cool would it be to celebrate one you wouldn't normally celebrate? We live in a diverse society, so this one wouldn't be too difficult!


Have a Life Altering Experience

geological phenomenon, mountaineering, rock, mountain, extreme sport, However, unlike the previous one, this one might be more challenging. Hopefully, it will be a good experience. But whether it is good or bad, life altering experiences give you a whole new perspective and outlook on life that you might not have realized without it.


Visit a Site You Saw in a Movie

, Maybe it's a cool restaurant, or a park, or even a museum. If you've seen it in a movie that you like to watch, take a trip and visit that site! Reenact the scene if you want to make it more interesting! This would be super fun to record and watch it later on when you need a little pick-me-up.


Record a Day of Your Life

, Make a little movie all about a day in your life, whether that is going through a normal, routine day, or documenting an awesome trip or event. Ask some friends to maybe make a little appearance and have fun with it! It could be fun to watch it every once in a while.


Go a Whole Day without Technology

person, sense, I'm not sure if I would even be able to do this one! I love technology too much, and freak out if I can't find my cell phone. But sometimes, it is nice to just disconnect for a little while. Take a break from Facebook, refrain from sending a Tweet. This one might be a struggle for some of you… it would be for me!


Random Act of Kindness

film, Surprise someone with a random act of kindness, and it is bound to come back to you. There's a person in a rush behind you at Starbucks? Pay for their drink. Does someone need help carrying their books? Help them out! They'll pay it forward. In the words of J. Timberlake, "What goes around, comes back around."

I hope you guys found these things fun, different, and interesting. Try some out! Have you already accomplished any of these? Have you had any of them happen to you? I'd love to hear!

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Also write a letter from yourself now to your future self

This is really interesting

Nice! Being my alter ego sounds so fun,I'm not a good dancer so yeah...but going on a road trip with friends has always been on my general bucket list!

I like being my alter ego for a day! Being that I'm a very shy person it should be fun

I love love this article! ☺️ Very inspirational! I'm gonna try to do all of this! Life can be repetitive so this will change it up and have fun!

I'm doing #1 but for a week it would be interesting thanks for this article ill put this on my bucket list .

Number 8 is great. At school, I had to use the restroom and to my surprise, someone had written "You matter." on the lock. It was so simple and it just filled me with a hopeful feeling; I wasn't even having a bad day either. Since then, other precious gems such as "Don't give up" and "You're always loved" have been added. I try to use that stall whenever I can because I love seeing how someone wrote those in the hopes of turning a sad girl's day a round :)


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