7 Adventurous Events to Attend for an Exciting Experience ...


7 Adventurous Events to Attend for an Exciting Experience ...
7 Adventurous Events to Attend for an Exciting Experience ...

If you feel like life is getting too ordinary for you, it’s time to take part in some of the most adventurous events! You might not even know it, but some of the most exciting events are taking place right in your area. Whatever your interests are, you will definitely find something that fits your needs. If you need some ideas, here are 7 adventurous events you can attend for an exciting experience!

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Improv Everywhere

Improv Everywhere You might be familiar with Improv Everywhere viral videos; it’s an NYC based prank collective which plans crazy and adventurous events that cause chaos and joy in public places. Some of the things that they have done are the Black Tie Beach event, in which hundreds of people dressed in formal clothing and went to the beach; the MP3 Experiment, in which people had to follow directions on a recording; and the Human Mirror event, in which people dressed exactly the same and mirrored each other on the streets of New York. What’s amazing about this event is that anyone can participate!


Zombie Runs

Zombie Runs Ever wondered how it would feel to run away from a zombie? Well this is your chance to find out! The whole idea of zombie runs is that participants have to complete a whole obstacle course while trying to stay clear of zombies and avoiding contamination. It’s clever, fun and exhilarating!


Color Run

Color Run If you love running, color run is something that you should consider doing! It’s one of the most fun and unique races; it’s less about running and more about having the time of your life. You might start the race dressed in all white but you’ll cross that finish line with bright colors splattered all over you! During the race participants actually get doused with different colors at each kilometer and the end basically consists of a colored powder war!


Blood Manor

Blood Manor With Halloween coming up, it’s only appropriate to visit a haunted house attraction and feel the rush of the adrenaline! One of these places is Blood Manor, located in New York City. It’s a walk-through attraction in which you constantly get scared as you make your way through the house. It’s completely scary but worth the experience!


Pillow Fight Day

Pillow Fight Day On a certain time of the year, massive pillow fights break out in cities around the world! So if you ever wanted to be a part of a huge pillow fight, find the upcoming event around you and join in on the fun. All you need is to bring a few friends and a pillow!


Pingxi Lantern Festival

Pingxi Lantern Festival If you are planning to travel to Taiwan anytime soon, you should know about the Pingxi Lantern Festival that takes place in February in advance. During this event people gather together, write their wishes on fire lanterns and release them into the sky. The view is beautiful as the floating lights rise and seem to disappear into the darkness.


La Tomatina

La Tomatina One of the greatest festivals in the world is La Tomatina. It takes place in Spain, usually on the last Wednesday of August, and people gather together for a huge tomato fight. However, don’t worry, people usually don’t get hurt because one of the rules of the tomato throwing is that people have to squish them first to reduce the impact it might have. The whole event is filled with fun and excitement, so it’s definitely worth checking out once in your life.

Hopefully, you've added at least one of these fun filled events to your bucket list. Which event would you like to be a part of if you had the opportunity?

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I just did the color run (run or dye) last weekend and it was a lot if fun! Recommended for everyone!

FYI - People don't squash the tomatoes. Cool experience though.

I'm doing a color run (Run or Dye) next month...I'm pretty excited! I'd definitely love to do a Zombie Run as well.

where can I find a zombie run? that sounds so intense haha

I did the color run in july & august!! So fun, i loved it.

If you like the color run- do the cosmic run! It is a color run at night with glow in the dark powders and black lights!

This sounds so fun! I want to do the tomato fight lol

I actually did the color run & the best part is when everyone gathers at the end of the race and throws their colors up in the air at the same time. Makes for cool pics!

Chicago also has a tomato fight

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